Nintendo has also updated its warranty terms following FTC letter

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Sony changes warranty terms for PS4, PS3, PS VR, Vita to comply with FTC guidelines
Sony has updated the warranty terms for all the gaming hardware products it currently supports in the U.S. and Canada. Earlier this month, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) gave Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony 30 days to change a particular warranty policy they’ve maintained for years. That being the “warranty void if removed” label on
Nintendo updates warranties following FTC warnings
Twitter Facebook Google+ Reddit Email Not to be left behind, and subject to legal issues, Nintendo has followed the lead of Sony and adjusted their warranty policies to comply with FTC guidelines. These guidelines ruled that certain warranty practices for companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, HTC and more violated protections against predatory practices. Namely, those
FTC calls out Nintendo, Microsoft Asus and more over illegal warranty sticker
Twitter Facebook Google+ Reddit Email Remember those warranty stickers we talked about a while back? Those same ones that the FTC found to be anti-consumer and thus illegal really have landed multiple hardware manufacturers in the PC and console markets in hot water. The FTC announced the crackdown on these dubious practices via letters sent
Updated Product License Terms
Updated License Terms in Plain English You have private label rights to this PLR blog product. Your rights allow you to use the blog to your own domains or your
PS4 and Other PlayStation Warranties Updated
In accordance with an FTC ruling, Sony has updated their warranties for the PS4 and other PlayStation devices. Owners can
FTC updates business address requirements
The FTC has issued the final rule for updating some aspects of their labeling regulations, including the requirements for the business name and address. Note that these revised regulations will apply to non-cosmetic items, including to soap that is exempt from the definition of a cosmetic (see Soap, the Chameleon). The updated regulation concering the business name and address is updated
We updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
We updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to according to European Union’s GDPR policy. Click here to learn more
What is Letter of Credit?
letter of credit is issued (opened) bank a Bank on the request of his buyer customer in favour of seller, which is an undertaking by the bank to make payment to the seller if fulfills his obligations. The process of Letter of Credit is described in the following images and also explained in simple terms below:
Nintendo Still Has No Interest In Supporting VR Or 4K
Nintendo has reaffirmed that there are currently no plans for the company to pursue virtual reality or 4K support on its gaming hardware, citing those markets’ relatively small markets as the main reason for the lack of interest. In a French interview (translated by NintendoLife), Managing Director of Nintendo France Philippe Lavoue reconfirmed previous statements from
Sony Updates Warranty Agreements For PS4, PSVR, PS3 And PS Vita In North America
Sony has now updated its warranty agreements for users in the U.S. and Canada that will allow gamers to open up their consoles without voiding their warranty. The hardware covered by this include the PS4, PS3, PS Vita and even the PlayStation VR headset. You can open up the aforementioned consoles and headset and it
Nintendo Switch Online: everything we know
For the first time in its history, Nintendo is selling its online features at a premium. Nintendo Switch Online has
Warranty Card Updated – External Materials Changes
Due to the introduction of the ability to use external materials in Zortrax products, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with an extensive Q&A article. The Q&A contains not only the most important information concerning the warranty changes resulting from this option, but also explains doubts that may occur when dealing with the external materials.
Check iPhone Warranty With Free iPhone Serial checker
Last updated on January 7th, 2018 at 10:23 amCheck iPhone warranty, if you just have a new iPhone. You would be concerned to know for how long I will have Apple Warranty. What warranty will cover and when it will expire. Under other circumstances, you may have a used or a refurbished device. And you
CFF Seeks a Chairperson for its Wheelchair Fencing Committee
The CFF is seeking a Chair for its Wheelchair Fencing Committee.   The terms of reference for the Committee can be found on the CFF website or through the following link: Wheelchair Fencing Committee Terms of Reference All interested candidates should submit a letter of interest highlighting qualifications to The deadline for application is May
Nintendo Has No Plans for Virtual Console on Switch
Late last night, Nintendo officially announced and detailed its long-awaited online service. With that news, though, Nintendo said the service will launch with 20 NES games available in a Netflix-like queue. Is this Virtual Console? If not, is Virtual Console still coming? The answer to both of those questions is no and, as Jason Schreier
Nintendo says it has ‘no plans’ for virtual console on Switch
While many fans have been waiting patiently for Nintendo’s Switch Online service to finally arrive, there is one other feature that is often highly requested- virtual console. Over the last few console generations, Nintendo has used Virtual Console to bring back older and beloved games from its back catalogue. Unfortunately, Nintendo isn’t planning on including
Nixeus EDG27 Limited Warranty
Nixeus Technology, Inc. (“Nixeus”) provides this Limited Warranty: • Only to the person or entity that originally purchased the product from Nixeus or its authorized
Nintendo Shares New Details about Its Nintendo Switch Online Service
Nintendo revealed more information about Nintendo Switch Online, including pricing, Save Data Cloud backup, and additional details about the classic NES games subscribers will be able to play when it launches in September. Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch Online service will launch as a multi-featured paid service that lets users enjoy online play for compatible Nintendo Switch games, access classic
What You Need to Know About the New FTC Ruling
The TCPA has been a constantly evolving law since its inception. As such, it can be a pain for businesses subject to TCPA litigation to remain up to date on the latest FTC rulings and
Nokia Mobile Support app updated with Warranty finder functionality improvements
Nokia Mobile Support app has again received a new update today. The latest update takes the app version to 1.6.3. As per the official changelog mentioned for this update, it brings Warranty finder functionality improvements and more. Changelog: What’s New – Warranty finder functionality improvements – Improvements to care center locator Nokia Mobile Support app features:
Plugable Products (Unofficially) Compatible With Nintendo Switch
Last Updated 11/24/2017 When it comes to game consoles and handhelds, Nintendo has a history of using unusual and proprietary connections and storage for their products. For the Nintendo Switch, there is a rather refreshing use of widely-adopted standards. The Switch utilizes MicroSD cards for added storage, a venerable 3.5mm audio jack, the docking and
Kernel 4.13.11 stable has been updated for PCLinuxOS
The latest stable kernel has been updated to 4.13.11 for PCLinuxOS and it is on the way to the software repository. The latest changelog can be found here. LTS kernels are also available for the PCLinuxOS distribution.
Should I Buy an Extended Warranty?
As a general rule, take caution when buying an extended warranty. Most extended warranties may exclude items that are likely to get damaged or broken. Even if an item is covered by an extended warranty, most dishonest companies will find a fake reason to deny your claim. You should also keep in mind that some
FCC-FTC Plans for Welfare-Enhancing Cooperation on Online Consumer Protection
As the Federal Communications (FCC) prepares to revoke its economically harmful “net neutrality” order and replace it with a free market-oriented “Restoring Internet Freedom Order,” the FCC and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) commendably have announced a joint policy for cooperation on online consumer protection.  According to a December 11 FTC press release: The Federal
Download Fortnite for Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 2DS XL,Nintendo 2DS
Download Fortnite for Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo 2DS Download Fortnite for Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS XL,
Nintendo Download, May 10, 2018: Chase Battles Anytime, Anywhere!
Nintendo Download, May 10, 2018: Chase Battles Anytime, Anywhere!     This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:
Nintendo introduces an adjustable charger for the Switch
The Nintendo Switch introduced a new way of console gaming, but it also has issues that were never expected in the end product, such as connectivity issues with the joy con if you put it near an aquarium, but probably the most infamous issue of the Switch would be its low quality plastic kickstand, which
Nintendo Confirms It’s Getting Into The Mobile Game Market
Nintendo has made so many iconic games in its history that they have forever solidified their place in gaming culture. But as more and more people move away from console gaming and mobile games become the biggest market for games today, Nintendo is trying to get in on that mobile game action. Nintendo Chief Executive
FTC Sues D-Link for Insecure Routers and Cameras that Jeopardize Consumer Privacy
The FTC (U.S. Federal Trade Commission) is getting really fed up with the router manufacturers, and now it’s taking D-Link to court. Back in February 2016, the FTC punished ASUS for selling consumer routers that had major security flaws. Now, the FTC is suing D-Link for failing to take reasonable steps to secure its routers and Internet Protocol
What is a Warranty Deed on a Home?
The warranty deed legally transfers ownership of the house from the previous owner to you. If you’re purchasing a home, the warranty deed is an essential part of the document package you sign during closing. Understanding what a warranty deed is, who holds it, and how this can affect your claim on the property is

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