20 NFL Players With Terrible Tattoos [What Were They Thinking?]

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How Will BYU Get More Players Selected In NFL Draft? Place More Players Into NFL Combine
How Will BYU Get More Players Selected In NFL Draft? Place More Players Into NFL Combine BYU needs to place more guys into the NFL ()
After the NFL Draft, new Latino players enter the league
Last weekend the 2018 NFL Draft took place in Dallas as the NFL gave it’s annual welcome of new players into the fraternity. Now teams are getting ready for their mini-camps and OTA’s as training camp draws closer. Out of the 256 players that were chosen last weekend, two were Hispanic. While that number is
Top 20 Tattoos for Winter 2018
Winter is the time when we miss your tattoos hidden with warm knitted sweaters. Still, it is the time when we can think of a new tattoo that we are going to show in summer. Though tattoos are now grouped to seasons we have tried to create a magnificent gallery of top 20 best tattoos
The 15 Toughest Players In The NFL
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT It’s hard to imagine that NFL players, who are some of the biggest, strongest, and meanest human beings on the face of the planet, would be intimidated by anyone. But even in a league featuring some of the most ferocious and athletically gifted athletes in the world, there are certain players who
20 NFL Stars Who Have Had Financial Difficulties
Given the millions of dollars that NFL players earn from their contracts and endorsements, it’s hard to believe that 78% of them face financial difficulties once they leave the NFL. Is it due to lack of education about money management, excessive spending, or something else? Here are 20 NFL stars who have struggled with financial
15 Of The Scariest Players In NFL History
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT President John F. Kennedy once famously said: “we have nothing to fear but fear itself.” But try and tell that to NFL players who had to go against some of the intimidating, imposing, awe-inspiring, and cold-sweat inducing players in NFL history. For the former, it wasn’t just about competing with the latter
The Greatest Players in NFL History [Ranked]
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT It’s one of the oldest barstool debates known to sports fans: who’s the greatest player of all time? With all the different players and styles of play throughout NFL history, how exactly are you supposed to measure that? Do you give it to the guy with the best stats? The guy with
10 Best Educated NFL Players
Image Source Getting a graduate degree is no easy feat, even for those who are able to study full-time – so imagine trying to earn a master’s while playing in the NFL. The following 10 pro football players went about achieving their graduate degrees in different ways, but each of their stories is an inspiration
These NFL Stars Were Good At Football But Even Better At Spending Money!
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT NFL players have the potential to earn some serious cash. In a single season, even bench players earn more money than the average lawyer or doctor (average NFL salary is $1.9 million). There’s a joke among those who play in America’s professional football league, that the NFL really stands for “Not For Long.”
How Former Oklahoma State Players Have Performed in the NFL
There’s been a lot of buzz regarding the NFL-caliber talent, or lack thereof, in the Big 12 over the past few years. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock became the latest personality to knock the Big 12, saying NFL scouts have a difficult time evaluating players from the conference because of the style of play. The offensive
13 NBA Players With Terrible Tattoos
ADVERTISEMENT J.R. Smith – “Just Klownin” ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT J.R. Smith isn’t exactly the type of guy who makes smart decisions. After all, this is the same person who thought it was cool to buy a $450,000 armored truck. So it should come as no surprise that Smith thought it was cool to get a ridiculous tattoo on
The Five Biggest Winners From The 2018 NFL Draft
256 players were selected across seven rounds in the 2018 NFL Draft as the 32 teams put all of their research and tactics into practice to help improve their rosters for the new season ahead. Of the 256 players, 39 were linebackers, while 13 quarterbacks were chosen this year, five of which went in the
Sleeve Tattoos – 151 Top Trending Sleeve Tattoos to Blow Your Mind
Sleeve Tattoos that are trending so hard right now. See why. Top sleeve art, places to get inked, and best tattoo artists working today. Sleeve tattoos have seemingly grown in popularity with the rise of tattoo acceptance in this country. When tattoos were seen more as a symbol of rebellion than a legitimate form of
15 Heisman Trophy Winners Who Were Terrible in the NFL
ADVERTISEMENT Matt Leinart (2004) ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Of all the great players to ever suit up for the Trojans of the University of Southern California, few players truly embodied everything that program was about the way Matt Leinart did. The two-time national champion, two-time First-team All-American, and two-time quarterback of the year was the most successful
Ex-Players Drop Case to Force NFL to Pay Workers’ repaymentfor Concussions
The federal court case brought by 38 former National Football League players looking to force the NFL to acknowledge chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) as a canopyed disease under workers’ repaymenthas been withdrawn. as opposed to pursuing their joint case, the players will file separate workers’ repaymentclaims in personstates, in line with their lawyer. On Dec.
NFL’s 17 Most Underpaid Players In 2017 [For Now]
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT When you hear the fact that an NFL team has upwards of $171 million to pay its players’ salaries, that seems like a crazy amount of money to us “regular folk.” But then you start thinking about how that pot of money has to be split among 53 players (meaning each salary
United Airlines, What Were You Thinking?
When a passenger was physically and brutally dragged from his seat aboard United Airlines’s flight 3411 earlier this week – and when the footage of this scene went viral around the globe – the airline’s crisis response was shameful on multiple levels. This is a terrible situation for any organization to find itself in, but
Large And In Charge: 15 Super-Heavyweight NFL Players
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT We all know that the NFL isn’t really a “little man’s” game. There’s a reason why athletes in so many other sports could never play in the NFL, even if they were tall or fast enough: because you simply have to be big enough to sustain the punishment you’ll endure playing professional
Serena Blair and Mindi Mink What Were You Thinking Mom?
What Were You Thinking Mom? with this sexy young babe Serena Blair and her horny stepmom Mindi Mink having a hot pussy licking time in this lesbian Girlsway video! This cute girl was ready for some love when she got home from work. He then pulled off her shirt and took off her skirt and
Fantasy football players will be happy to know that there are two very good options for their NFL viewing pleasure on Sundays: Redzone and Sunday Ticket. DirecTV offers Sunday Ticket to their customers and Redzone comes from NFL Network. You could conceivably have both without paying too much extra, but you would only be able

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