How GDPR Affects Your Facebook Tracking and Advertising

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How GDPR Affects Your Google Tracking and Advertising
In this blog series, we will cover: •  Blog 1: What is the GDPR? •  Blog 2: What Canadian and US Businesses Need To Know •  Blog 3: How It Affects Your Facebook Tracking and Advertising •  Current post: How
What Canadian and US Businesses Need To Know About GDPR
In this blog series, we will cover: •  Blog 1: What is the GDPR? •  Current post: What Canadian and US Businesses Need To Know •  Blog 3: How It Affects Your Facebook Tracking and Advertising •  Blog 4: How
How GDPR will impact Facebook, Google and online advertising
GDPR will not just have an impact on how marketers can collect data but how they use it to create personalised and targeted online advertising.
GDPR: how it can improve your advertising
GDPR implementation is looming, but how can you turn any inconvenience into an advertising ROI increasing masterstroke? GDPR Is being implemented in May 2018, but the ruling should not mean compromised sales success; it can be the opposite with ironically simpler ads. Amidst the clamour for more data and an increase in its quality, you
How GDPR Affects Publishers, and Other Webinar Takeaways
On March 7, 2018, PostUp participated in Publishing Executive’s educational webinar, “How Publishers Can Survive the Assault on the Advertising Business Model.” Presenters talked about the changing digital publishing industry, threats to the advertising-based business model (from ad blockers to Safari updates to GDPR), and how publishers can drive revenue in an industry increasingly dominated
Facebook Advertising Tips: How to Set Your Facebook Ads Budget
Are you wondering how much you should be spending on your Facebook Ads?  One of the biggest questions I get is how to set your Facebook Ads budget. Setting your Facebook Ads Budget can mean different things to different people. Different Aspects of Setting your Facebook Ads Budget Are you wondering: How to allocate how
Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Facebook Advertising With Video
Facebook Advertising With Video Ads - Part 1 - Video 14 Of 20 Are You Struggling To Make Your First Sale On Shopify? Watch this video series to learn step by step how to make your first sale on Shopify. Video 14: Video 14 Of 20. In this lesson we talk about Facebook Advertising With
Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising [Part 6] – Setup
In Part 5, you learnt how to a converting Facebook Ad Copy that will attract your target buyers. Now it's time to learn setting up your Facebook marketing funnel to ensure that the data of each sale/ lead is being tracked and registered. Tracking Conversions Using The Facebook Pixel What is the Facebook Pixel? One
4 Awesome Advertising Features on Facebook
When it comes to promoting your brand on Facebook and increasing your followership, most marketers invest money on Facebook advertisements or Buy Facebook Page Likes. Advertising on Facebook has various
Facebook Advertising Costs
While there is no doubt how effective advertising on Facebook is for businesses, understanding their different pricing models can get a little confusing. With the changes Facebook made in January, 2015, to reach a wider audience
GDPR: 69% Users To Opt Out Of Ad Tracking
A survey of UK social media users found that 69% of users have already or intend to opt out of ad tracking on Facebook and Twitter. Could this spell the end of digital marketing as we know it? In the lead up to GDPR, we asked social media users if they would opt out of
Facebook axe ‘Partner Categories’… Will your advertising be affected?
After the recent Facebook security scandal, the social media giant has decided to cut ties with their 'Partner Categories'. What does this mean? Will this affect you and your Facebook advertising? Find out more
This is Facebook Advertising to a Special Audience
Facebook advertising, a combination of 3 parameters To succeed in Facebook advertising, you must have: The right targeting A great image or video Compelling copy. Targeting With the right combination of interests, behaviours & location, you can drill down to as low as one person in your target audience. What you see to the right
How To Setup Facebook Conversion Tracking
When you are using Facebook Ads to send traffic to your landing pages it is very important to track everything.Facebook conversion tracking allows you to control how much you spend per action.An action might be a sale, a lead or any given action you want your target audience to do.Normally you should have a thank
How to Make Your Unbounce Landing Pages GDPR Compliant
In the span of a few weeks in April Facebook completely changed it's tune about whether they had plans to extend GDPR regulations globally to all Facebook users. See why this sets a precedent for GDPR compliance no matter where you're located, and how to make your Unbounce landing pages, popups and sticky bars compliant.
Optimising Your Facebook Advertising Strategy
New year, new strategy! Here’s a few quick tips on how to make 2018 your best year in FB Advertising!   Choose the Right Target Audience Facebook’s ad platform comes down to your audience’s demographics; data points such as age, location, job, and interests assure you’re reaching the right prospects. Test Different Facebook Ad Types Looking to
How to Install the Snapchat Tracking Pixel On Shopify and Magento: A Step-by-Step Guide
With Snapchat’s recent release of its tracking pixel, what used to be a mere picture sharing app has evolved into a competitive performance advertising platform. This launch allows Snapchat advertising campaigns to be optimized and analyzed for better performance by tracking and monitoring how users are interacting with your ads outside of the app. The
How To Stop Letting Facebook (And Other Sites) Take Your Data
Tired of having your data on the Internet tracked and stolen for advertising purposes due to special tracking "cookies" placed in your browser? Follow along, and we'll show you how to stop the majority of the problem.
Facebook told to stop tracking in Belgium
Facebook told to stop tracking in Belgium – BBC News Facebook has been ordered to stop tracking people without consent, by a court in Belgium. The company has been told to delete all the data it had gathered on people who did not use Facebook. The court ruled the data was gathered illegally. Belgium’s privacy
GDPR for Facebook Ads
IMPORTANT CHANGES TO FB’S TERMS: GDPR for Facebook Ads In light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the new GDPR rules taking effect on May 25th, Facebook has reviewed it’s own Terms – which apply globally (not just EU). If you’re an advertiser please take a moment to read some of the bigger points to
How Advertising Affects the Mind
Advertising has become a part and parcel of modern 21st-century living. It is almost all-pervading and lies before us at every point in time during
How startups should approach GDPR (Facebook Live chat)
The European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is coming, and fast. With it comes compliance regulation that affects not only every European tech
How to use Facebook Messenger Ads For Your B&B
Running an advertising campaign on Facebook messenger can prompt your potential guests to start a conversation with your B&B. Here's how
The Future of Chiropractic Facebook Advertising
The Future of Chiropractic Facebook Advertising BY: DR. MIKE HAMILTON INCEPTION CHIROPRACTIC WEBSITES For many years I have been one of the few chiropractic internet marketing experts that did not recommend Chiropractic Facebook Advertising.  There was a ton of hype out there about it, but I wasn't seeing anyone having real success.  Sure there were
Mobile Advertising auf Facebook
Facebook Advertising ist Mobile Advertising: 89 Prozent des Werbeumsatzes erzielt das Netzwerk mit Smartphone-Anzeigen. Marketer sollten deshalb die Basics beherrschen.
How to make your clients GDPR aware
Starting 25 May 2018 all companies that process personal data of EU citizens are obliged to be GDPR compliant, this document serves as a guideline on how to make your clients GDPR aware. What is GDPR? GDPR wants to address the new ways of exploiting personal data through the internet and cloud technology. It also wants
How GDPR Affects Your Tour Business? [eBook]
Since GDPR leaves much to interpretation, we've prepared a detailed eBook that will clarify any misconceptions and the exact scope of the new EU regulation regarding data privacy within the travel industry.
The Facebook and Google Analytics Tracking Problem
“Why aren’t the numbers I’m seeing in the Facebook Ads Manager lining up with the numbers I’m seeing in Google Analytics?” This is a question that we are getting almost daily now.  You have the Facebook pixel installed on your site, you’re using UTM tracking parameters for Google Analytics, but the numbers just never seem
Native advertising crucial to sales
Native advertising is dominating the sales success enjoyed by myriad businesses across the country, but how can you optimise it? NATIVE Advertising is imperative as your business looks to increase sales and harvest data ethically in a post-GDPR era – regardless of the platform. As you look to optimise your creative campaigns to suit consumer
Let’s Talk GDPR: Your Questions Answered
Picture this: you have changed the privacy policy on your website to reflect the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislature. You have also changed your internal data storage procedures to reflect the needed changes, and mapped out your data modification or deletion process should the request arise. But, have you considered how GDPR affects

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