Summer Yoga and SUP Specialty Week

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Josephines SUP Race Tips
JOSEPHINES SUP RACE TIPS  Thinking of competing in your first race? Josephine gives us her SUP Race tips: Find some friends to paddle with The best advice would be to get involved with a SUP club. There will be likeminded people, of all abilities, which will help motivate and encourage you. There will also be
Summer Beach Yoga at Stanmore Bay beach
FREE for everyone! Come along and set yourself up for a great weekend with our Summer Beach Yoga series. Every Saturday between 21 January and 25 March 2017 from 8.30am to 9.30am. Bring a yoga mat or beach towel and a water bottle.  All ages and abilities welcome! Meet on the grass to the right of
Summer Beach Yoga at Stanmore Bay beach
FREE for everyone! Come along and set yourself up for a great weekend with our Summer Beach Yoga series. Every Saturday between 21 January and 25 March 2017 from 8.30am to 9.30am. Bring a yoga mat or beach towel and a water bottle.  All ages and abilities welcome! Meet on the grass to the right of
SUP/WSUS Maintenance and recommendations
Just uploaded my first contribution to SUP/WSUS maintenance and recommendations to TechNet gallery.   The package will automatically configure maintenance jobs for your SUP/WSUS/CM database and check recommendations and requirements for WSUS/SUP. It will configure jobs to run a weekly re-index, defrag of the databases (with the help
The best SUP tours in Alicante
Are you planning your holidays in Alicante? Do you love being in the outdoors? You like staying fit and to explore new things? Well, then you should definitely try out one of the best SUP Tours in Alicante! Have you ever heard of SUP? It’s short for stand-up paddleboarding, and it is probably one of
Summer Enchantments
Check out our Summer newsletter: Lots of Amazing workshops these summer months! Join us for Femine Yoga & Tantra, Hip Opening & Forward bending assisting workshop, sign up for the new Baby massage & Baby Yoga courses,  Rise with the sun at Early morning yoga & so much more!  
Yoga is a Transformative Journey
The practice of yoga is a transformative journey.  What brings someone to the mat in the first place and what keeps students coming back to the mat week after week?  Recently I sat down with Mary Callow to find out.  Here’s what I learned: Why did you decide to begin taking yoga classes at Yoga
This Will Make You Better at SUP Fishing
As told by Natalie Starliper Let’s face it — we are always willing to improve at the hobbies we love. In this instance, we are going to help improve your SUP fishing game. If you didn’t know, SUP fishing has recently captured the attention of anglers across the nation because it’s a great new way to
Safe SUP Choices: Use the Buddy System
SUP Magazine and the US Coast Guard have partnered up to cover the importance of using the buddy system and never paddling alone.
French Champ SUP Surfing in Sri Lanka
French SUP surfing champion Delphine Macaire scores some fun waves during a recent surf trip to Sri Lanka.
WWF’s Inaugural SUP Event Coming to San Diego
World Wildlife Fund's inaugural SUP event, the Panda Paddle, is coming to San Diego's Mission Bay on October 20, 2018.
Physician Assistant Specialty: Which one is Right for You?
There is a physician assistant specialty that is perfect for you, be it surgery, emergency medicine, internal medicine, dermatology, and urology.  If you are considering a career in physician assistant medicine, having an idea about what physician assistant specialty you might train in will help to guide your career trajectory. About a week ago I
Start Your Yoga Journey at Woodley Park Yoga
Woodley Park Yoga is a boutique yoga studio offering traditional Ashtanga Yoga classes in the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington, DC. Ashtanga Yoga is the .
Three great yoga poses for your hot tub
May 1, 2018 – Last week, I mentioned that I’ve seen a lot more folks using their hot tub for yoga. Did you know that there’s a Hot Tub Yoga Book? It’s true! If you’re a yoga lover, and want to give hot tub yoga a try, this book will give you a great foundation
Kai Lenny SUP Surfing at the Surf Ranch
Maui waterman Kai Lenny gets an opportunity to go SUP surfing on man-made perfection at Kelly Slater's famous Surf Ranch.
A Shaper’s Take | Tips For Custom Ordering a SUP
King Paddleboard owner Dave Daum delivers some expert tips for how to order a custom SUP and get the board you want.
Josephine’s SUP improver advice
Josephine’s improver advice Once the basics have been mastered, its time to progress! Giving you the skills needed to SUP in different locations, different weather conditions and on different equipment. There are different routes to improving your skills, this is how Josephine improved: Improvers Session Josephine: “The first step back turn attempt was the first
Arthur Arutkin takes Title & the Battle of The Coast SUP Euro Tour
The first stop of the Euro SUP Tour took place in Holland/Zandvoort last weekend. Fanatic SUP was very well presented with a big event tent and lots of boards at the beach people could try – and lots of riders competed in the event!
Yoga Dad presents What is Yoga?
Short video from Billabong Retreat founder Paul aka ‘Yoga Dad’ explaining why we all need to do yoga!
Specialty Packaging for Wine, Beer, and Spirits
Specialty Packaging for wine, beer and spirits are great marketing tools to enhance your brand. With top quality materials and sturdy handles, your specialty beverage bags and boxes can be customized to fit the product completely. Since they are so unique to each brand, your specialty packaging can even be resold as decorative gift packaging,
Find All Styles of Yoga at Down Under Yoga
Your lifelong yoga journey can begin now at Down Under Yoga. This studio is a great size for those just starting out, with a wide array of yoga styles, but the personal feel of a small, welcoming studio. Down Under Yoga has everything from relaxing flow classes to energizing heated classes, and quite a few
Surfers Paradise Drop in the Sup Season 2018
De paaspeddel van weleer werd voor deze 5de editie omgedoopt tot Drop in the Sup Season en zorgde op paasmaandag 2 april 2018 voor de kick-off van het supseizoen. (SUP staat voor Stand Up Peddleboarden) Een idyllische stand up paddleboard tocht die telkens doorgaat op het water van de Damse Vaart. Uniek dit jaar was
Yoga 101: The Eight Limbs of Yoga
Most people think of yoga as a series of physical contortions and advanced pretzel-esque poses. Yoga is a great form of exercise, but its benefits extend beyond just that. As series yogis know, yoga not only emphasizes physical practice, but also includes a moral code to promote a physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy outlook and lifestyle.
A New Study Shows Certain Yoga Postures Can Increase Energy and Self Esteem Yoga has become such a popular fitness activity in the United States that it’s hard to believe it was ever considered a fringe activity — relegated to the world of hippies and bohemians. In the 50-ish years since yoga first entered the
Flexibility in Yoga
“I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible enough ” When discussing yoga with friends and people I meet, I frequently hear the same comment, almost word for word, about why they are reluctant to consider starting a yoga practice. Flexibility isn’t a pre-requisite when it comes to yoga. It is an aspect that develops with
Centro Samila Pilates and Yoga
Centro Samila Pilates and Yoga offers therapeutic treatments, pilates, yoga and gyrokinesis classes, and yoga for pregnant women in Rome's Aventino.
Episode 136 — Scanline FX Sup Ivo Klaus
  Click here to listen on iTunes! Get on the VIP insiders list! Check out Upload The Productive Artist e-book.   Episode 136 — Scanline FX Sup Ivo
Summer schedule 2016
We hope everyone is enjoying the summer as much as we do! Some of our teachers are enjoying some time away out of the studio and enjoying their yoga practice in Paris, British country side or just taking a break in Bristol soaking up the Bristol Yoga vibe! I (Manon) for sure am looking forward
Physician Assistant Specialty: Psychiatry
Last post, we learned that psychiatry is among the highest paying physician assistant specialties, if not the highest paying specialty.  A reader asked us just what being a psychiatric physician assistant is like, and this article aims to answer this question. Psychiatry is the medical specialty of mental health, also known as behavioral health.  In
Featured Property of The WeekSummer Winds A407
  While a summer breeze might make you feel fine, Summer Winds A-407 will make you feel at home. It’s this week’s featured property of the week with three bedrooms and two bathrooms located at the Summer Winds condominium complex in Salter Path. Check out this stunning condo’s availability and you can also see more photos of this quaint

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