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NEW NCCPA Content Blueprint and Task Area Guidelines Released for 2019 PANCE
Last week the NCCPA released their updated Content Blueprint guidelines for the 2019 PANCE. Many of the organ systems were updated along with the task areas. In addition to changes in the core content topics, 5% (from 2%) of the PANCE will now cover Professional Practice (formerly legal and ethical questions) issues. We analyzed the new guidelines for 2019 and made the following comparison
Facebook released its new Content Review Guidelines
The 27-page Facebook Content Review Guidelines provides insight into the rationale Facebook uses to develop its standards which will balance users’ safety. Also, it will save the right to free expression while maintaining a sufficiently sanitized platform for advertisers.
How to Meet Web Accessibility Guidelines
Compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is required by law in many countries. Until recently, the issue of WCAG was a complete niche, but this is slowly changing – it can be a great way to make sure that your website is accessible to every visitor. The guidelines exist primarily to help remove obstacles
Content Marketing Strategy: How to Create Premium Content
Premium content is a powerful marketing tactic, especially for B2B lead generation. Here are guidelines for developing effective premium content and seven tips for success, in part two of our three-part Smart Marketing Strategy series on premium content.
Human Interface Guidelines for Slack
Table of content The importance and benefits of Human Interface Guidelines Designing for conversational UIs UI and UX for Slack Creativity from constraints 5 design principles for /commands Intuitiveness Consistency Structure Context Conversational syntax User on-boarding Help command(s) App discovery flow Leveraging Slack UI The importance and benefits of Human Interface Guidelines When Apple
2015 “Dietary Guidelines for Americans”
This year, and every 5 years, the US Department of Agriculture and the US Department of Health and Human Services jointly release a document known as, “Dietary Guidelines for Americans.” These “Dietary Guidelines,” prepared by doctors and nutrition scientists on the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC), have a significant impact – in business and in
Health Care Guidelines
Health Care Guidelines for the Care of Persons with Spina Bifida An initiative of the Spina Bifida Association Q: What are the Health Care Guidelines? A: The Guidelines cover 25 care topics and provide evidence-based and medical expert guidance on providing care for people with Spina Bifida (SB) from birth through adulthood. Q: Why are
New UDL Guidelines Website
Explore the new UDL guidelines website. The guidelines themselves have not been altered, but to make them more interactive the website has been redesigned with more resources and updated research.
Authorship Guidelines and Instructions for Scientific Journal Papers
Authorship Guidelines and Instructions for Scientific Journal Papers It is always essential when you are planning to submit a scientific research paper for publication to consult the guidelines of each journal you are considering. These guidelines provide various kinds of
Creating social media community or terms of use guidelines
The most common barrier to entry of most businesses getting on social media is “what happens if people post content or comments we don’t like”. I highly recommend that businesses publish a Social Media “Community” or “Terms of Use” guidelines that covers other people’s activities on your social media profiles. It isn’t a fail-safe and
New Prostate Screening Guidelines
Some news for men ages 55 to 69. New guidelines have been released for screening for prostate cancer. The new guidelines, published in April by the US Preventive Services Task Force, an independent panel of experts, recommend that men ages 55 to 69 make an individualized decision based on a conversation with their physician, about
Holographic Fan Display Testing
Holographic Fan Display been testing in London, from 43 cm to 1 meter we offer all of them to fit in your needs. We can do the video content and provide the display for any event or presentation. In Virtual On we supply eye catching and disruptive displays for the UK and worldwide.
Content and Accessibility: Why a11y is Good for Your Business
a11y, or the abbreviation for web accessibility, is how one makes their web content usable to people with disabilities. In some cases, such as if a site owner has a store that’s open to the public, it is also mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to have a website compliant with WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.) Organizations
Dietary Guidelines for Cancer
The following  nutritional guidelines are general recommendations for patients with active cancer. The closer adherence to this protocol, the stronger the immune system will become.  The
Google Adds Guidelines for Events on Google Maps
Google has added a section to the guidelines that clarifies the policies for events on Google Maps.  The guidelines state that events are subject to the following guidelines: Events should reflect the real world. That means they should be real, accurate, and occuring at the specified location. Event titles should not promotional language, pricing information,..
6 Advantages of Multiple Fans in a Fan Grid / Fan Wall
Multiple fans in parallel vs. a single fan in ventilation systems In many cases, it is advantageous to use more than one fan running in parallel on a fan grid (or fan wall) in a ventilation system to achieve the benefits discussed below. 1. Efficiency Typically 40% of a commercial buildings energy use comes from
Publisher guidelines
We continually check and monitor Publishers on our network.  If it’s discovered that a site does not follow the guidelines below, we may close the account without prior notice. In such cases,
QuietCool Smart Attic Fan
Coming this April, a new attic fan from QuietCool will be available. Back in 2011, QuietCool created the first high-quality attic gable fan, the AFG ES-1500. The AFG ES-1500 is the most energy efficient attic fan on the market. With a highly-efficient ECM motor and a durable construction, it became the best attic fan on
AP Municipal Teachers Transfers Guidelines
AP Municipal Teachers Transfers Guidelines. Transfers and Postings of Employees Guidelines/Instructions. The principle may be adopted while effecting the transfer of employees; Request transfers employees fulfilling one or more of the conditions, Submit Transfer applications through online in the CDMA website, The MIS reports uploaded applications details. AP Municipal
Google’s New Review Guidelines – Review Gating and Google Reviews Updates
Google just updated its review guidelines for Google My Business users who collect reviews from customers. This applies to the user-generated content that shows as star ratings and customer reviews on Google platforms such as search results and map results. This April 12, 2018 update included specific guidelines on review gating, which is filtering candidates
ACG launches Sustainable Events Guidelines!
To enhance the College’s commitment towards sustainability and President Horner’s 2025 Vision, the Center of Excellence for Sustainability (CES) at the Office of Public Affairs, recently launched the Sustainable Events Guidelines in an effort to further support sustainable development across all of its divisions. The overall goal of these guidelines is to help reduce the
New Guidelines For Diagnosing Histamine Intolerance
The new guidelines for diagnosing histamine intolerance provides an interesting overview as to some of the challenges that researcher and patients share. 1 The question they pose is not whether histamine intolerance exists but what is the root cause? Is it actually what we eat? They then go on to propose new guidelines for diagnosing and
DOER announces SMART Program guidelines
Following its review of public comments on the draft Guidelines it released in late January, the Department of Energy Resources has posted the final versions of the following SMART Program Guidelines: Definition of Agricultural Solar Tariff Generation Units Guideline Definition of Brownfield Guideli
Petition to retire the surviving sepsis campaign guidelines
We are disseminating an international petition that will allow clinicians to express their displeasure and concern over these guidelines.  If you believe that our septic patients deserve more evidence-based guidelines, please stand with us. 
How to be a prolific, consistent, fan magnet with content stacking
We all know we should be publishing consistent, high-quality text, audio and video on a consistent basis, but how do we find the time? Content stacking helps us publish in a way that makes consistency easy, allows us to hit all 3 mediums and to convert casual readers into raving fans!
QuietCool Computer-Balanced Fan Blade
QuietCool is very proud to be an American built product. One area that the R&D team really focused on is our fan blade. The fan blade is located inside the whole house fan motorhead that is suspended in the attic during installation. Since the fan blade is not directly seen, many people tend to overlook
Mi has attracted a large number of fans in Pakistan in the last year and the number is growing. In order to bring all its fans together and create a fun-loving fan base, Mi has decided to launch a “Mi Fan Club”. The Mi Fan Club will be your platform to read reviews by Mi
Aurora Fan Vs Celebrity
Dress up two different Auroras. One is the celebrity princess, the other is a fan that looks just like her, but is no more than a fan. The two personalities will wear fashion garments and matching accessories, but each one according to their style. As both celebrity and fan, dress up Aurora.
Understanding the Basic Fan Laws
Geoff Edwards, the technical product engineer at Axair Fans UK Limited, explains the three basic fan laws when applied to warehouse ventilation studies. The Fan Laws are a group of useful equations for determining the effects of a change in the speed, the diameter of the fan and the density of air in the system.
Fan Art: Parker by Muggy Rabbidz
Fan art by Muggy Rabbidz, thanks so much! Parker is a mischievous fluff. Full resolution image below.See all fan art & sources in the Fan Art Gallery.

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