Ex-Players Drop Case to Force NFL to Pay Workers’ repaymentfor Concussions

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How Will BYU Get More Players Selected In NFL Draft? Place More Players Into NFL Combine
How Will BYU Get More Players Selected In NFL Draft? Place More Players Into NFL Combine BYU needs to place more guys into the NFL ()
The 15 Toughest Players In The NFL
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT It’s hard to imagine that NFL players, who are some of the biggest, strongest, and meanest human beings on the face of the planet, would be intimidated by anyone. But even in a league featuring some of the most ferocious and athletically gifted athletes in the world, there are certain players who
15 Of The Scariest Players In NFL History
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT President John F. Kennedy once famously said: “we have nothing to fear but fear itself.” But try and tell that to NFL players who had to go against some of the intimidating, imposing, awe-inspiring, and cold-sweat inducing players in NFL history. For the former, it wasn’t just about competing with the latter
Wrexham fail to pay their players
Wrexham fail to pay players’ wages this month prompting two pre-season games to be called off. Go to Source – BBC News
100,000 Victorian workers march for better pay
A hundred thousand workers have marched through Melbourne's CBD, demanding better pay and conditions as part of a nationwide campaign.
After the NFL Draft, new Latino players enter the league
Last weekend the 2018 NFL Draft took place in Dallas as the NFL gave it’s annual welcome of new players into the fraternity. Now teams are getting ready for their mini-camps and OTA’s as training camp draws closer. Out of the 256 players that were chosen last weekend, two were Hispanic. While that number is
The Greatest Players in NFL History [Ranked]
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT It’s one of the oldest barstool debates known to sports fans: who’s the greatest player of all time? With all the different players and styles of play throughout NFL history, how exactly are you supposed to measure that? Do you give it to the guy with the best stats? The guy with
10 Best Educated NFL Players
Image Source Getting a graduate degree is no easy feat, even for those who are able to study full-time – so imagine trying to earn a master’s while playing in the NFL. The following 10 pro football players went about achieving their graduate degrees in different ways, but each of their stories is an inspiration
How Former Oklahoma State Players Have Performed in the NFL
There’s been a lot of buzz regarding the NFL-caliber talent, or lack thereof, in the Big 12 over the past few years. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock became the latest personality to knock the Big 12, saying NFL scouts have a difficult time evaluating players from the conference because of the style of play. The offensive
Six soon-to-be former USC football players await their new NFL homes
This year, as is the case in most years, USC will have an incredibly strong presence at the NFL Draft.
The league and its players, often at odds, ha
The league and its players, often at odds, have been united in condemning the president’s criticisms, with commissioner Roger Goodell saying Saturday that “divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our
Evolving the Way We Manage Concussions
By Scott Haller & Frances MacInnes These days most people are aware that concussions can be serious, and even that they
Case Study: IPG growing Delta Force Paintball
Our friends at Delta Force Paintball have written a great case study showing how International Paintball Group has made a difference to their business. Read it below! Growing the Delta Force Business It’s well known that it is getting harder and harder to advertise your products and services to people. It’s hard enough for a
NFL’s 17 Most Underpaid Players In 2017 [For Now]
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT When you hear the fact that an NFL team has upwards of $171 million to pay its players’ salaries, that seems like a crazy amount of money to us “regular folk.” But then you start thinking about how that pot of money has to be split among 53 players (meaning each salary
MHCC Report: A Clear Business Case for Hiring Aspiring Workers
The MHCC launched a summary report, A Clear Business Case for Hiring Aspiring Workers that suggests opening the doors to aspiring workers living with mental illness is a win-win for employers and employees. Aspiring workers are people who have been overlooked by the workplace or sidelined due to episodic or persistent illness and are struggling to remain
Action needed to ensure workers receive holiday pay
The Government should set up a state body for ensuring employers do not evade holiday pay, should enforce the right to a payslip and ensure workers have the right to a written statement in week one outlining their employment rights, according to a new report. The report by Sir David Metcalf, Director of Labour Market
Fantasy football players will be happy to know that there are two very good options for their NFL viewing pleasure on Sundays: Redzone and Sunday Ticket. DirecTV offers Sunday Ticket to their customers and Redzone comes from NFL Network. You could conceivably have both without paying too much extra, but you would only be able
NFL Players About To Take Anthem Protests To A Whole New Level
The NFL is a hot ridiculous mess right now. This league is incapable of coming up with a conclusion to oust the anti-American anthem-kneelers, despite how bad they are hurting the brand. And now we’re finding out that these players are likely going to take their anthem protests to a whole new level next season.
17 Undrafted Players Who Shocked The NFL
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Whether they are drafted with the 1st overall pick (like John Elway, Peyton Manning, or Andrew Luck) or in the later rounds (Terrell Davis – Pick 196, Tom Brady – Pick 199, Bart Starr – Pick 199) – most future NFL stars are selected on draft day. While it’s common for undrafted players to
You Won’t Believe Where These NFL Players Live!
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Being a player in the NFL is one of the most dangerous jobs within the world of sports. Which is why it’s no surprise that football players choose to relax in some of the most exclusive mansions that money can buy. From Brett Favre’s sprawling 465 acre ranch, to Russell Wilson’s jaw-dropping lakefront estate —
15 NFL Players Faster Than Usain Bolt
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT The time-honored cliches, “speed kills” and “you can’t coach speed,” are true. The fastest NFL players can shred the perfect defense and go the distance on any given play. Opposing teams must account for these electric performers at all times. This extra attention creates space for all offensive personnel to go to work. On the
The NFL Just Lost One Of Its Biggest Advertisers
The NFL is facing some serious backlash over the ridiculous anthem protests sweeping across the nation. Thanks to Colin Kaepernick, every NFL franchise has followed in his footsteps and protested in some form. Due to the player’s continued defiance, the NFL has seen a significant drop off in viewership and attendance as the weeks have
NFL Draft Recap: Earl Grey Making Hay
Another edition of the NFL Draft is in the books with 4 Notre Dame players hearing their names called over the 3-day extravaganza. Let's recap the weekend activities but first remember that very few players are receiving fully guaranteed contracts. Such is life in the NFL. It's great news for the top picks who get
Are Workers’ Compensation and Disability Insurance the Same?
Workers’ compensation and disability insurance both provide monetary payments to employees who suffer injuries or illnesses, but they serve different functions. Workers’ Compensation The primary difference between both of these types of insurance is that workers’ compensation pays for work-related injuries. Employers are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance to pay for incidents
Concussions and Fall Sports
What is a concussion? A concussion is a form of brain injury which occurs from a hard blow to the head, causing the brain to get knocked against the skull. Young people who play sports or are active in other ways are at risk for concussions. Signs and symptoms of a concussion can occur right
NFL Rules That Need to Be Sacked
As we sit in the second half of the NFL season, it’s been full of surprising wins, devastating injuries and annoying league rules. At this point in time, we’ve seen players injured by these rules as well as games lost. Here’s NFL rules that need to be sacked. Completing the Catch: Take a look at Rule
Motorola Moto Z Force Droid Edition Case 2 Pack
 Shalwinn TPU Crystal Case for Motorola Moto Z Force Droid Bentley Bargains Product Review: I was a little skeptical due to the price of the cases, especially after
15 Broke NFL Stars And How They Blew Their Millions
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT NFL players have the potential to earn some serious cash. In a single season, even bench players earn more money than the average lawyer or doctor (average NFL salary is $1.9 million). There’s a joke among those who play in America’s professional football league, that the NFL really stands for “Not For Long.”
US charges ex-VW CEO Winterkorn with fraud in diesel-cheating case
Today’s Fraud News from around the world: US charges ex-VW CEO Winterkorn with fraud in diesel-cheating case: U.S. charges ex-VW CEO Winterkorn with fraud in diesel-cheating case The wire fraud relates to August 2015 emails that Winterkorn was copied on regarding VW's attempts to deceive U.S. regulators through Oliver Schmidt, VW's compliance liaison, according
32 NFL Team Mock Up
Checkout the newest changes for both the AFC and NFC. Due to early injuries and future drafts and trades, the majority of NFL teams are getting sparked for the 2018 NFL Preseason. All 32 teams have been analysed and those results are below in lists. Browns — Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming: No players on injured

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