Top Five Car Lease Dealer Scams

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Car Lease Residual Values
What to Know About Car Lease Residual Values Residual value is one of the four major factors in a car lease that determines monthly payment amount. The other factors are capitalized cost, money factor, and term Residuals are expressed as a percentage of MSRP “sticker price” and converted to actual residual value by multiplying MSRP
Best Car Lease Deals
Vehicle price is a very important factor in car leasing.  In fact, price should be negotiated when you lease, just as you would if you were buying. The lower the price, the lower the payments. Although price is the only factor truly negotiable in leasing, look for special lease deals offered by car manufacturers that not only have
How To Get Out Of A Car Lease Early
Five Ways to End Your Car Lease Early At the time, leasing a car sounded like a great deal: You got to drive home in a brand-new car for far less than you would have paid if you bought it
How to Assume a Car Lease (And Pocket Some Cash)
Taking over a car lease can be a great way to get your next car. While there are many advantages, however, there are some things to watch for. We’ll cover how to take over a lease, some resources to help you out, and the pros and cons of taking over a car lease. You may
Car Dealer Manager – Launched
I’m excited to release my very own DMS (Dealer Management System) & Car Dealer Website Solution. It’s called and is a single solution to managing your car dealer business, no matter if you are a part-time trader from home or a multi-franchise dealership, this will do it all.  Levelling the Playing Field The front end
Car Lease Rights and Responsibilities
When you lease a new car, you sign an agreement that obligates you to certain terms and conditions for a specified length of time. You also have certain rights that are provided by that agreement. Among the terms of a lease contract are: that you agree to make payments, in advance, every month, that you
Top 5 Best Car Dealer WordPress Themes for 2018
Don't pass these themes by. Sell more cars, get more leads, and grow readership for your car blog with these modern car dealer WordPress themes.
Car Lease Options and Fees
You have a number of options and choices when you lease a car. You can of course choose any new vehicle you want, but you can also decide on the length of the lease in months (lease term), the mileage allowance, whether to buy extra miles if you think you need them, buy GAP insurance
WordPress Car Dealer theme updated with CSV-XML importer
Our top seller WordPress Car Dealer theme was updated over the weekend with the biggest improvements and features to date. Search modules, overall styles and design
How Cost Effective Is It To Lease a Car?
If new car prices are proving to be too high for you in this tough economy, then there is another option you can consider – car lease. Leasing is a convenient way of getting a new truck or car every few years without worrying about selling off the vehicle, something the leasing company will handle
April Smart Car Lease Offers
Visit Ray Catena Motor Car in Edison, NJ to check out our selection of electric drive smart vehicles and take advantage of our April lease offers! Shop smart inventory here!  
Scams To Avoid When Buying A Used Car
Buying a new car should be a pleasant experience for both the customer and the seller. However, many used car purchasers fall prey to the scams of unscrupulous dealers. This article will introduce you to some of the common tactics used by bad car dealers. Once you are already familiar with how they’re played, you
Car Dealer 4.1 released with new features.
Car Dealer 4.1 is live in the Gorilla Themes store with numerous improvements, new Car inventory features and bug fixes, existing customers can download the latest version and follow
WordPress Car Dealer Theme 5.0 Released
WordPress Car Dealer Theme 5.0 is live in the Gorilla Themes store with brand new features and improved design and layout, the theme update is free
WordPress Car Dealer update with improvements and fixes.
Our best selling WordPress Car Dealer theme was updated this past weekend to version 1.7 with several improvements and bug fixes. Current customers can download and
Uber Car for Drivers | Should You Buy, Rent, Or Lease An Uber Car?
Deciding how to get an Uber car is probably the toughest question for new Uber drivers. What’s better — to buy, rent, or lease? Taking into consideration the cost and reliability of cars, here’s a guide to help drivers decide the best way to get an Uber car. A Ridester Comprehensive Guide on Getting an
Should I Lease or Finance My Car?
It’s not very often that people can afford to cash out the full amount for a new vehicle. In fact, the vast majority of car-buyers usually decide to either finance or lease their car. However, these are two entirely different things. Before you rush into your next major financial decision, consider the advantages and disadvantages
Best New Car Dealer in Columbus, OH. 2 Years Running
Germain Automotive Group Named Best New Car Dealer in Columbus OH Each year, the Columbus Dispatch asks its’ readers to vote for the best things in Columbus, OH. The Best Schools, the Best Grocery Stores, the Best Salons, and of course our favorite – the Best New Car Dealer. Once again here for 2017, the
AutoSales WordPress Car Dealer Theme Released
    Professional WordPress Car Dealer Theme   Features   VIN Decoder. Automatic Theme Updates. Responsive thumbnail gallery. Schedule Automatic Inventory Import for importing XML and CSV files,  upload
Car Dealer WordPress theme update with PayPal integration
Our best selling Car Dealer WordPress theme 4.0 update feature a re-designed layout with a spacious grid and a css centric style with fewer graphics and cleaner looks for
Best Cars to Lease
The best cars to lease are those that have the highest future resale value, called residual value in leasing. It’s because monthly lease payments are based on the difference between vehicle price and residual value. The smaller the difference, the lower the payments and overall lease cost. Typically, car makes and models that have a
How to Find Cheap Lease Cars
Cheapest Lease Cars You may already know from reading our Lease Guide that leasing provides much lower monthly payments — 30% to 60% less — than car loan payments. Getting a good price is certainly important. However, to achieve the highest savings on a car lease , several other factors are also important.  Actually, the
Lease Car With No Down Payment
No Money Down Car Leases Technically, any car can be leased without a down payment. However, it might not be the smartest thing to do. One of the benefits of leasing a car is that a down payment (cap cost reduction) is normally not required. However, a down payment has a greater effect on reducing
Top Five Flicking Games (Top Five Express)
This week, Dan returns to share his top five "flicking" games. Some interesting games on the list to take your dexterity game to the next level.
Top 3 Tips to Create the Best Auto Dealer Website
What if your dealership could be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without requiring extra staff? Your dealer website helps you achieve just that! With a responsive dealer website, potential customers can find a car whenever and wherever they want. With online shopping now playing an integral role in the car buying
The Headaches of Calculating Transaction Tax on a Lease
How to Calculate Tax on a Lease Most people are familiar with leasing a car, but did you also know you can lease an airplane, a copier, or a computer? Leasing is commonly defined as an agreement between a lessor and a lessee, where the lessor conveys the right to use an asset for an
Answering that daunting question: “Should I lease, or buy a car?”
  Deciding on whether or not you should lease or buy your car is a very personal decision. But don’t worry, we are here to make it easier for you to choose between the two! Leasing your vehicle: Leasing is ideal for the everyday driver looking to sport a luxury vehicle with a low monthly
DealerOn Car Dealer Customers Win Dataium Website Performance Awards
DealerOn, the premier car dealer website company, announces that two of their automotive dealer website customers have been awarded Dataium Website Performance Awards for April 2013.  Dataium uses various performance metrics collected from participating dealership websites to recognize auto dealerships and their website providers for their online performance.  Ron Carter Hyundai was awarded
Top five beaches on Jersey
With its miles of picturesque coastline, discover the top five beaches on Jersey with Patrick Burke, owner of The Atlantic Hotel
Arlesey Car & Commercials appointed full Isuzu Truck dealer
With immediate effect, Bedfordshire company Arlesey Car & Commercials Ltd has been appointed a full dealer for Isuzu Truck UK covering Bedfordshire as well as parts of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, offering a full sales, service and parts support operation to customers in that area. Conveniently located with easy access to junction 10 of the A1 &hellip

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