A Quick Guide to Complying with FTC Disclosure Guidelines

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Writer FTC Guide
Writer FTC Guide Before you start your review please read: 1. All reviews must be fair and balanced: Do not sensationalize Stick squarely to the facts Use plain language 2. Be sure your assessment of the product is balanced. As mentioned above, mention both the pros and cons (equal ratio of pros and cons) 3.
How to Follow FTC Buyer’s Guide Rules to Avoid Fines at Your Dealership
Unless you want to risk massive fines, every sales rep in your dealership needs to understand the FTC Buyer’s Guide. When a customer buys a pre-owned vehicle from your lot, the Used Car Rule requires you to give them a copy of the FTC Buyer’s Guide. The Used Car Rule has been a mandatory car
Nintendo updates warranties following FTC warnings
Twitter Facebook Google+ Reddit Email Not to be left behind, and subject to legal issues, Nintendo has followed the lead of Sony and adjusted their warranty policies to comply with FTC guidelines. These guidelines ruled that certain warranty practices for companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, HTC and more violated protections against predatory practices. Namely, those
A Quick Guide to CSS Attribute Selectors
A quick tutorial guide explaining what CSS Attribute Selectors are, covering their different types with some basic use cases.
A Quick Guide to Understanding Underground Drains
Underground drains require a plethora of right tools as well as a hefty amount of skills and knowledge. We’ve put together a quick guide to
Are You Breaking the FTC’s Influencer Guidelines on Disclosure?
Back in August of 2016, the Federal Trade Commission announced it would get tougher on its regulation of disclosure of paid endorsements—commonly referred to as influencer marketing—stating users need to
A Quick Reference Guide to the History of Yoga
Most articles out there get really into the details of the history, which is great, but if you are looking for a quick reference and guide to the history of the practice you do today, here it is.
Infographic: Quick Cannabis Labeling Guide
A go-to guide for labeling and packaging in the three main cannabis states Thanks to the folks at Memjet, we’re able to share this quick guide to cannabis labeling with you. While you should always double check your state’s official regulations via their website, this graphic does a great job of concisely summarizing the requirements
A Quick Guide to GDPR
GDPR comes into effect on May 25, 2018. IDG Communications will be fully compliant, as we believe that it is in the best interest of our users and the industry. To help, we’ve put together a quick guide that might help you as you try to navigate these complicated waters. Data Subject: The only person
Quick guide to stargazing
Imagine going for a romantic walk with the object of your affection. Wouldn’t it be even more romantic (and impressive) if you could point to the sky and name some constellations? We made a quick guide to stargazing for you, to impress everyone you meet
Quick Edit for Taxonomies: Guide for Custom Fields
Quick Edit allows users to update essential pieces of content in a fast and super user-friendly way. In this post I'll guide you through creating your own Quick Edit field for Taxonomies. Give your users or clients the experience they deserve!
Complying with New Twitter Guidelines and the Value of a Trusted Technology Partner
Technology is always evolving. The changes often can happen in the blink of an eye. And this week we’re seeing yet another example. Twitter recently announced important modifications to its API guidelines last month – ones that have mostly flown under the radar. The popular social network platform is cracking down on “bots” by limiting
Excel Financial Formulas Quick Guide
Excel financial formulas allows to quickly and easily process accounting data. Here is a quick guide from Desktop Training Academy for using Excel financial formulas. Using Financial Formulas in Excel To use a financial formula in excel, click on the “Formula” tab along the main tool bar. From the function library, click on “Financial” and
Uber increases FTC settlement after breach
Uber failed to disclose a major data breach in 2016, and now the rideshare company will have an expanded settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Uber’s original FTC settlement resulted from a 2014 breach. When the agency discovered the 2016 breach, which was “strikingly similar” to the previous breach, it added harsher provisions to
Book published on Amazon – Quick and Practical Guide to ARM Templates
Quick and Practical Guide to ARM Templates is a very non-conventional book. The objective of the book is to help you “Become Experts in Developing ARM Templates for Microsoft Azure without any prior knowledge”. This book is for both a beginner and intermediate users. This is a quick and practical approach to learning ARM Templates for
FTC Sues D-Link for Insecure Routers and Cameras that Jeopardize Consumer Privacy
The FTC (U.S. Federal Trade Commission) is getting really fed up with the router manufacturers, and now it’s taking D-Link to court. Back in February 2016, the FTC punished ASUS for selling consumer routers that had major security flaws. Now, the FTC is suing D-Link for failing to take reasonable steps to secure its routers and Internet Protocol
The perfect non-disclosure agreement
Among the nearly infinite variety of legal agreements in use today, the non-disclosure agreement is by far the most ubiquitous. If measured only by the
Fan Content Guidelines
Hello everyone, I'd like to announce the introduction of IP Guidelines (fan content guidelines) for DDLC.
Sony changes warranty terms for PS4, PS3, PS VR, Vita to comply with FTC guidelines
Sony has updated the warranty terms for all the gaming hardware products it currently supports in the U.S. and Canada. Earlier this month, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) gave Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony 30 days to change a particular warranty policy they’ve maintained for years. That being the “warranty void if removed” label on
Nintendo has also updated its warranty terms following FTC letter
Nintendo has become the second gaming company to comply with the FTC’s letter regarding hardware warranty policies. In a letter sent a couple of weeks ago, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) advised major manufacturers – including Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony – to adjust the warranty terms for their hardware products. The FTC took issue

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