13 NBA Players With Terrible Tattoos

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File Additions for NBA 2K14
Download the latest faces, including future prospects, Legends, and NCAA players, in today's File Additions for NBA 2K14.
The NBA isn’t soft, it’s safe
Fans and former players of the NBA tend to reminisce on how the olden days of the league allowed for more physical altercations between players. Both parties normally follow that thought by saying the current NBA is far too soft compared to how the league was from the 80s to the early 2000s. Most will
13 of The Worst Tattoos in NBA History
ADVERTISEMENT J.R. Smith – “Just Klownin” ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT J.R. Smith isn’t exactly the type of guy who makes smart decisions. After all, this is the same person who thought it was cool to buy a $450,000 armored truck. So it should come as no surprise that Smith thought it was cool to get a ridiculous tattoo on
15 NBA Players Who Ruined Their Careers With Bad Decisions
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Over the years, there have been numerous players who could’ve changed the landscape of the NBA as we see it today, and become household names just like the superstars that we know and love today. But whether it was problems with substance issues, run-ins with the law, work ethic, or all of the
Players, did you know NBA 2K18 new changes and new Improvements
Are you waiting for the NBA 2K18 updates? Do you want to know which improvements you should expect from the new version? Many rumors are coming up about the changes and updates. Players are expecting some advanced features to play the game with ease and to have a lot of fun. With the new updates,
The NBA Rule That Bars Kneeling
With the NBA playing their season opener games this week, it has caused speculation as to whether the players will protest in a similar manner to the NFL. Many NFL
NBA Daily: 2018 60-Pick NBA Mock Draft – 5/8/18
The NBA has locked in the 69 players that will attend the 2018 NBA Draft Combine, setting the stage for the more likely draft prospects. Basketball Insiders Publisher Steve Kyler takes a look with another 60-pick Mock Draft.
When Tattoos Unite: Stories of How Tattoos Brought People Together
People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons – memorials, self expression, a love of art. But there’s an undeniable element to tattoos that connect people. Tattoos can bond people in a number of ways, and we wanted to find out more about why that is, whether it be matching tattoos, wedding ring ink, or
15 Worst NBA Players To Win A Championship
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT For many NBA fans, the most common — if not flawed — way to truly reflect the greatness of a player’s career is through the answer to a simple question: “did he win an NBA Championship?” It’s that exact reason why history will never give guys like Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, or
Top 10 Neymar Jr Tattoos & Their Importance
One of the most famous soccer player Neymar JR has been a quite mystery for his fans due to many tattoos on his body which makes them curious about the players history and past. Neymar is a big fan of tattoos whereas, he has made many tattoos on his body to keep in mind few
15 NBA Players Who Need Attitude Adjustments
ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Professional basketball players are unique, in that they’re the most exposed athletes of any of the major four sports. Unlike football players and hockey players, they’re not wearing pads all over their body, or masks covering their face. They’re not even wearing helmets or hats like baseball players do. No, all you
NBA Breakdown (Tue. 5/8): Which Players Are Most Valuable When There’s Risk of a Blowout?
The NBA Breakdown offers data-driven analysis for each day’s slate using the FantasyLabs Tools and predictive metrics to highlight notable players. Tuesday features a two-game
Shaq and Barkley go at it on Inside the NBA
Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal have always had a contentiously friendly relationship as NBA players and now as co-analysts on Inside the NBA on TNT. They have had numerous battles on the court and in the studio and haven’t shied away from getting physical or personal at times. Here is the infamous clip of Chuck
Sexy Tattoos for Girls – Top Trending 151 Sexiest Tattoos and Spots
Sexy Tattoos for Girls! The best locations, hottest tattoos, and hottest artists for a tattoo that is going to make you sizzle. Tattoos have grown in popularity in the recent years to the point that they are almost trendy. Acceptance of tattoo has come along with the trend, including a much more positive look at
Sleeve Tattoos – 151 Top Trending Sleeve Tattoos to Blow Your Mind
Sleeve Tattoos that are trending so hard right now. See why. Top sleeve art, places to get inked, and best tattoo artists working today. Sleeve tattoos have seemingly grown in popularity with the rise of tattoo acceptance in this country. When tattoos were seen more as a symbol of rebellion than a legitimate form of
Best Men Tattoos 2018
Men just can’t look less sexy with tattoos this is why we so much adore those machos with the hottest tattoos. We can scroll and look through the pictures of boys’ tattoos forever and we can talk about the best tattoo styles and trends for hours but let’s try to figure out which are the
Significance of Tattoos in Different Cultures
Tattoos have been and are still a big part of many to this day, and many people have one or more tattoos on their bodies. Many different cultures embrace tattoos, and they can bear many different meanings. In fact, it is quite easy sometimes to spot a person from a certain culture just because of
No NBA Playoff Games on TV Until Sunday, May 13
Getty The Warriors and Rockets square off in the Western Conference Finals beginning on May 14. Hoops fans looking to watch NBA playoff basketball on TV over the next few nights will be disappointed. The four remaining teams are getting a few days rest before the conference finals begin on Sunday, May 13. There will
150+ Perfect Hand Tattoos for Men And Women
The Significance of Tattoos on Hand Hand Tattoos Advantages If thousands of people are enjoying the amazing advantages from getting tattooed on their neck, thigh, foot, hips, and ankle, then there is no way you cannot also enjoy a number of advantages from your simple hand tattoos. Here are some of these tattoos advantages: Tattoos on
25+ Tribal Flower Tattoos & Design Ideas for Women
Tribal tattoos are the oldest kinds of tattoos, flowers hold significance in all designs of tattoos especially in tribal art. In tribal tattoos different flowers have different symbolism. Mostly these tattoos are black and white but sometimes colors can be found. The location and design of tattoo flowers holds vast meaning in the tribe. Tribal
NBA Breakdown (Wed. 5/9): Fire Up Rozier Back in Boston?
The NBA Breakdown offers data-driven analysis for each day’s slate using the FantasyLabs Tools and predictive metrics to highlight notable players. Wednesday’s NBA slate only
Download NBA 2K18 EXE for PC Free – Highly Compressed
NBA 2K18 is a very popular game and many gamers have rated this game positively. NBA 2K18 EXE is now available for you to download and enjoy as well. I will provide download access to the game software. – NBA 2K18 for PC Like we know, you will have to compete with other players and
Top 20 Tattoos for Winter 2018
Winter is the time when we miss your tattoos hidden with warm knitted sweaters. Still, it is the time when we can think of a new tattoo that we are going to show in summer. Though tattoos are now grouped to seasons we have tried to create a magnificent gallery of top 20 best tattoos
Blackwork Cybernetic Tattoos by Georgie Williams
Georgie Williams is a tattoo artist specialized in blackwork cybernetic tattoos whose technique tilts towards the ornamental style. See below a selection of Williams’ tattoos and check her Instagram for more cool blackwork designs.
Jazz Piano Players13 Modern Players To Study
Jazz piano players always ask, “What are the best ways I can improve my jazz piano improvisation skills?” If you want to take your playing to the next level, then you must listen and grab some awesome licks from legendary jazz piano players. One of the things that opened the doors for me professionally was to transcribe
Tattoos and Piercings
Tattoos, Piercings and Professionalism OH MY! © Lisa Murphy, Ooey Gooey, Inc. Originally written June 2006. Revised, edited & otherwise
Can nurses have tattoos?
When it comes the question of whether or not tattoos or piercings are allowed to be displayed or worn in the workplace it is highly dependent upon the healthcare facility the nurse works for. The healthcare facilities policies may vary from allowing nurses to display non offensive tattoos (ie: non sexual, racial, morbid or political
Best Women Tattoos 2018
Women are much more adorable with a delicate tattoo. Gone are the days when tattoo is a taboo and today we can enjoy those sexy curves with tattoos that are barely hidden with clothes. We have put together the best examples of women tattoos 2018 while most of the styles and themes will be discussed
Popular Tattoos and Their Meanings
Tattoos are very popular in global society, and more and more people are flocking to parlors to get one. From cultural meanings to a permanent souvenir from their holiday in a foreign land, many people are becoming more open to getting a tattoo. The variety of tattoos you can get are endless, and each can
Marked for Life: Tattoos and Gangs
Stereotypically, gangs are often depicted as tattooed tough guys. That depiction may not be too far from the truth. Tattoos are a big part of gangs, and you are unlikely to find a gang member who does not have any sort of ink on his or her body. From simple teardrop tattoos to more intricate

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