Our Colombia Yoga Retreat

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Sonoma Yoga Retreat in Photos
We gathered some of of the best pics of our collaboration women’s retreat with Free People at The Lotus Feed. We are going back for two different women’s retreats this
Yoga Dad presents What is Yoga?
Short video from Billabong Retreat founder Paul aka ‘Yoga Dad’ explaining why we all need to do yoga!
2018 Bali Yoga Retreat — Seats Now Open!
A Sattva Yoga Retreat For Women By Women Are you ready to shed the old skin of 2017 and step into your full divine feminine power? Prepared to move fully into 2018 with intention? Believe in healing your mind, body and spirit? Now, more than ever, is the time to honor that. Discover the vision of who
Virtual Retreat to Honor Our Mothers on Mother’s Day
This Sunday is Mother's Day -- a day dedicated to honoring our mothers. This virtual retreat focuses on our changing relationships with our mothers. Do this retreat on your own or with your mom!
Summer Yoga and SUP Specialty Week
Since our spring yoga retreat was so popular, we've added another yoga week with some SUP-er summertime bliss! Join us for a week featuring exclusive yoga and stand-up paddleboarding opportunities that challenge and nourish your mind, body, and spirit.
Looking for a great Nusa Lembongan Yoga retreat?
Yoga is best practiced amidst the lavish beauties of nature. Once you’ve got a extremely rejuvenating and refreshing atmosphere and setting around you, you’ll involve yourself within the yoga apply with none diversions any and hope to induce the simplest out of it for your health and happiness. we have a tendency to at Svastha-yoga
Life After a Retreat – What Now?
How many of you have been on a retreat, especially a Yoga retreat, experienced breakthroughs, learnt skills and come out revitalised and inspired to practice on the ‘outside’? In reality, this often proves more challenging than that first day you go back into the ‘real’ world. So how can you continue to feel like you
Yoga Immersion with the Plant Medicine
Yoga Immersion with the Plant Medicine  Blog written by Stephen Boyd, founder of Mind and Movement Yoga.  A little bit over two and a half years ago I went to the amazon jungle of Peru to experience an ayahuasca retreat. It turned out to be a very powerful experience and it deepened my understanding of
Agile Code Retreat – Gallery
We had a fantastic time at our first Agile Code Retreat, held at St Austell in Cornwall. Please find below our official photos of the retreat by www.tobyweller.co.uk (please do credit and link to agileonthebeach.com if reused) and a selection of photos from our delegates, Kevlin and the event team.      
Yoga to energize your body, awaken your mind and calm your soul
Whether you’ve got been lucky enough to attend a yoga retreat otherwise you square measure considering attending your 1st one, you’re most likely cognizant of the various edges that yoga will offer. however a yoga retreat may be a profound, life ever-changing event, one that leaves you forever altered. though there square measure life ever-changing
The Benefits of a Yoga Community
Yoga is about yoking ourselves- not only to the practice but to our people, our tribe, our community. Helping each other thrive and feel supported in this life, it is a critical part of our existence. It is what yoga and our yoga studio home can give us over a gym or an app.
Our Favorite Ways to Practice Yoga During the Workday
With September being National Yoga Month, we thought we’d tack on to our post about the 5 Ways to a Healthier Workday with some yoga-specific tips for bringing this healthy practice in to your work week. Not only can incorporating yoga in to your overall fitness routine help calm anxiety, reduce stress, and increase mental
Five Wonderful Things That Can Happen In Your Life with a Yoga Retreat
Yoga is meant to be a minimum of 5000 years recent. however yoga appears to be older than time itself! it’s believed that Lord Shiva, the king of all Yogis, gave a complete discourse on yoga to his consort Anapurna, on a lonely island, basic cognitive process that there was nobody else around to listen
Our First Music Retreat
The idea for a music retreat came from a discussion I was having with my friend Fred about the need to just flee the city with some fellow music producers to spend a weekend making music. I mean, being in the country, being with friends, and then be able to make music seems like a
Yoga District Community – Meet Kat, our Director of Services!
     Meet Kat, our Director of Services as she shares her yoga journey and  her experience being part of the Yoga District community!   “May your choice reflect your
Misconceptions About Colombia
One of our favorite new destinations for a family vacation is to Colombia! But over the past few decades, there have been a lot of misconceptions that have developed around Colombia, its culture, and its people. Colombia recently ranked as the second happiest country in the world according to the World Happiness Index. Colombia is
Crocs, Calor and Chapecoense: Colombia Buzz
In our recurring article 'Colombia Buzz,' Gerald Barr takes a look at what global media have noticed going on in Colombia.
Yoga For Bad People
Here we speak to Heather and Katelin about their connection to nature, travel and of course, yoga. Read their thoughts below. “Since we began YFBP in 2012, we have been on the road more than 75% of the year, traveling to teach retreats and scout out new possible retreat locations. Our company sprung from our
GMCKS Senior Arhatic Yoga Retreat
To the senior disciples who shared the Teacher’s pearls of wisdom, their own valuable insights and experiences, to the senior Arhatic students from Africa, North and South America, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Emirates, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Suriname, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Uruguay who
Yoga Type: Ashtanga
Welcome to our Yoga Type series!  Yoga is steeped in history and tradition. It began over 5,000 years ago.  Several different types of yoga have emerged and each offer their own unique
Recap: Roaster’s Guild Retreat
We recently sent our two production roasters Camilla and Grace to the 2017 Roaster’s Guild Retreat. Below is an account of their experience, as told by Camilla! The Roasters Guild of America hosts an annual retreat that brings together the specialty coffee community for a weekend of learning, networking, and fun. Throughout the weekend, participants
Our Review Of The Rythmia Spiritual Retreat Center
The Third Wave's founder, Paul Austin, travels to Costa Rica to experience the Rythmia spiritual retreat center, and explore the healing benefits of plant medicines.
What Our Wellness Retreat is Really Like | Week 1 at Green Mountain
After three weeks at our wellness retreat, blogger and author Shauna Reid shares her experience – week by week. No stranger to binge eating and weight cycling, shauna was ready to explore a non-diet approach with the help our expert staff at Green Mountain at Fox Run.
Start Your Yoga Journey at Woodley Park Yoga
Woodley Park Yoga is a boutique yoga studio offering traditional Ashtanga Yoga classes in the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington, DC. Ashtanga Yoga is the .
SBM and AY Retreat 2018 Invitational Video
SBM and AY Retreat 2018   Discover a revolutionary approach to success and be inspired to become a better  you. Watch the  invitational video from Master Stephen Co. Step away from the distractions of everyday life. Give your Self a weekend of Arhatic Yoga meditations to deepen your understanding of the spiritual teachings of Master
A new wellness retreat at Como Shambhala Estate, Bali
Como Shambhala Estate is one of the top wellness retreat havens in Bali, backed by its health expert team of yoga teachers, an Ayurvedic doctor, and even a resident dietician. With that said, you can count on Como’s wellness flagship destination to outdo itself every year. The resort has added four new wellness programmes –
Rishikesh Yoga Retreat – For Enrichment of your Life
Yoga has several health edges, that is why it’s become very fashionable among health aware folks these days. the assumption within the healing powers of the apply has become stronger and additional folks square measure turning to the yogistic thanks to health and fitness. many folks with associate degree venturous heart, foresee to initiating their
Host Your Own Yoga Retreat at Sunshinestories!
The sound of chanting monks, morning bells, and birds chirping fill your senses as you slowly awake in a new, tropical paradise. You’re feet find their way to the soft touch of wood and yoga mat, rooted in the nature around you. A thatched roof over head provides shelter from the rising sun, but enough
Our Journey Through Sicily
Welcome to Italian paradise. Welcome to farmhouse paradise. To foodies paradise. To sun chasers paradise. To yogi’s paradise. We’re so excited to have found designed this Sicily yoga retreat for
Yoga in the Rotunda
Breathe in, breathe out with us every second and fourth Saturday of the month at our morning yoga classes! These all-levels

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