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Oaxaca Retreat Life In Photos
The Oaxaca retreat was an oasis to reconnect with the simplest pleasures in life — experienced through the 5 senses. Each day we focused on a different sense and throughout
I hosted a retreat for myself (here’s what happened)
After a rough couple of weeks, I decided I needed a retreat. But since I couldn’t find a retreat I wanted to go to on short notice, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune to go to one, I decided to host one myself. Here’s what happened. I should start by saying that there are
Is a Wellness Retreat Worth It?
Most people like the idea of a wellness retreat. After all, what’s not to like about putting life on hold to focus on your own well-being? Still, the time and money you spend on yourself should be a good investment. Is a wellness retreat worth it?
Registration for the 2017 PGBC Ladies Retreat is Now Open
It’s time once again to get ready for the annual PGBC Ladies Retreat.  Registration begins today online and at church.  The 2017 PGBC Ladies Retreat will be held at St. Simons Island on January 20-22, 2017.  Register now online by clicking here.
Embodiment Retreat
The Retreat Fully embodying ourselves is being fully alive. It is the freedom to breath deeper, to move with grace and to express ourselves. It is to be grounded in the practical reality of life and open to the blessings
2018 Retreat Registration Now Open!
Dear Tara Mandala Community, Holiday Greetings to you all! We are happy to announce the opening of our 2018 programs. If you’re wondering what to give friends, family, and even yourself for the holidays, why not give the gift of Dharma? We have many wonderful events scheduled for 2018, from a weekend retreat to celebrate
What is an Ayahuasca Retreat?
The retreat of ayahuasca healing is that which ancient people believe that their elders have a spiritual conversation with their god’s. The Shamans will be preparing medicines for the healing
2018 Bali Yoga Retreat — Seats Now Open!
A Sattva Yoga Retreat For Women By Women Are you ready to shed the old skin of 2017 and step into your full divine feminine power? Prepared to move fully into 2018 with intention? Believe in healing your mind, body and spirit? Now, more than ever, is the time to honor that. Discover the vision of who
Life After your Divorce is Finalized
When you are caught up in the process of ending your marriage, it can be difficult to think about what life will be like once it is all over. But life after your divorce will be a long stage in your life – you will never again be a person who has not been
Jackrabbit Brings In All the Bunnies for a Retreat
It’s funny that the definition of retreat according to Merriam-Webster is movement away from a place or situation especially because it is dangerous or unpleasant because that is absolutely NOT what Jackrabbit’s recent Company Retreat was about. The Jackrabbit Company Retreat, in fact, was a concerted movement forward for the company as it moves into
Retreat – Revive – Re-Alive!
So you want to go on a retreat.  But do you want to retreatWhat is the first thought that takes your mind, catches your imagination when you look at those sunny pictures. The fun that you and your New BFF will have whilst attempting to balance as a Mighty Warrior on a Stand Up
Planning Your Own Meditation Home Retreat
by Jack Walker In nearly every tradition of meditation, periods of retreat are a key component of training. Retreat lets you invest the bandwidth of your attention into meditation practice, free from the distractions of daily life. Residential retreats (i.e. at a retreat facility) can be expensive and logistically challenging. Other complicating factors include how to choose a retreat you
Create a Backyard Retreat – Getting Started
Have you thought about creating a backyard retreat? Its not too early to start planning. With a little planning now, you can have a beautiful and comfortable backyard retreat this summer you and your family will want to stay home for. Here are a few suggestions to get your planning started. Think water, fire and
After the Fallout – A Post Apocalypse Life
After the Fallout – The Story of a Father and Daughter Surviving a Post Apocalypse Life After a Nuclear Fallout. After the Fallout is the story of a father and daughter who after spending three years in a nuclear fallout shelter have begun a life in the post apocalypse world. “Is it safe to come
Download or Listen to Today’s Sermon, Life Even After: Is there Life After Failure?
Today’s sermon is entitled “Life Even After: Is there Life After Failure?”.  Click on the link below to listen through our website, or click here to download the sermon through iTunes.  Also, click here to download the notes from today’s sermon. As always, if you have a comment or question, be sure to leave it below or on one of
So What Is A Life Coach?
Mary Morrissey answers the following questions: What is a Life Coach? What does a Life Coach actually do?
What Is Life? Is Death Real?
So what is the difference between you and a rock? This seems like an easy, even stupid question. But even the smartest people on earth have no idea where to draw the line between living and dead things. Which leads to mind-blowing implications. What is life after all? And is
What to do After CS Professional Exam ?
What to do After CS Professional Exam and Before CS Professional Result ? CS Professional Exams are one of the most gruesome exams you would’ve faced in your life. 4 months of Continuous studying might have taken a toll on your life, health & dreams. But After the end of Exams, and before the declaration of results, there is
Heart Retreat Photos – February 2018
  Last week I had the pleasure of facilitating our first Life Mastery Heart Retreat for 2018, here on the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Australia our delightful home ! Our Heart Retreats are an opportunity to press ‘pause’ in your life.  A time to savour silence, get back in touch with the healing sounds of nature,
Kevin Hart: What Now?
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What Our Wellness Retreat is Really Like | Week 1 at Green Mountain
After three weeks at our wellness retreat, blogger and author Shauna Reid shares her experience – week by week. No stranger to binge eating and weight cycling, shauna was ready to explore a non-diet approach with the help our expert staff at Green Mountain at Fox Run.
Ways To Change Your Life Right Now
We all have a moment in life when all of sudden, we feel fed up with what we are doing now and want rapid changes. Some of us manage to make an instant decision to change and enjoy a better life, while others fail to do it. In some cases, you need to act first
Our Colombia Yoga Retreat
We’re so excited about our first Colombia Yoga Retreat that we wanted to share our itinerary with you! There are still some spots left on our 2018 yoga retreat in
After the RAIN (retreat talk) - Tara Brach
This talk offers an in-depth exploration of RAIN, applying the wings of mindfulness and compassion to painful domains of trance. We bring special attention to the fruit of RAIN, the realization of who we are beyond any limiting identity. This talk was given at the 2018 IMCW Spring 7-day Retreat at the Pearlstone Center in
Just Add Water: How To Create The Perfect Peaceful Retreat
If you crave a peaceful retreat that will transport you far from the hassle and hustle of daily life, your first step should be to invest in the luxury of a cabin. You then need to create the perfect tranquil setting for your hideaway, to surround your senses in the calming effects of nature. And what
March Monthly Retreat: Clover
March – Clover Feel lucky with our March Retreat – Clover. The cool, refreshing aromas of Rosemary powder, Balsam Fir, Lemongrass and Sweet Orange perfectly compliment the early Spring season. An invigorating rinse under the Vichy with intermittent cool splashes is followed by a drizzle of fragrant hydrating body oil. You are now ready to
ready to retreat?
Can you believe 2016 is almost over?   I was thinking about this time last year. I was prepping last year’s Woman Unleashed Retreat and doing end of the year things for the kids school. Kinda like this year. Do you remember what you were doing at this time last year?   What has changed?
The Day After the Election – Now What?
If you are ready to live your greatest life, let’s decide together to be women of vision, passion and power and chose to make the next 4 years the greatest years of our lives – because WE choose to make it so.
Ricky Gervais’ After Life heading to Netflix
British comedian Ricky Gervais will be heading back to television for Netflix with a new dark comedy, After Life. The streaming service has ordered six half-hour episodes for its first season. Created, executive produced, directed by and starring Gervais, After Life centers on Tony (Gervais) who had a perfect life. But after his wife Lisa suddenly dies, Tony
22 Funny Images Narrate The Life Of Men Before And After Marriage
They say marriages are made in heaven, now, how far this is true, only the men who are tied in the knot, will be able to tell. Life after marriage changes entirely for men, who before were enjoying their singlehood is now, bound to a partner with added responsibilities. The individualism, freedom, and all the

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