Best RV Air Conditioner 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

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Top 5 Best Leading Air Conditioner Brands in India 2018
Best Leading Air Conditioner Brands in India 2018 Air conditioner is one modern equipment used for cooling the room temperature by lowering the heat and adjusting the room temperature. During prickly summer it is impossible to live without air conditioners. It not only cools the room but also cleans the room as well. AC must
Complete Air Conditioner Guide for Pakistan – 120 models, 14 brands
Thinking of buying an Air Conditioner (AC) to deal with the long hot summer days in Pakistan? Make sure you read our comprehensive air conditioner guide which is currently the most detailed resource to get up to date information on the best models, brands and sizes available in Pakistan. This comprehensive
Arctic Air Tent Air Conditioner
The Arctic Air Portable Air Conditioner was originally designed as a portable aircraft air conditioner but it works great as a tent air conditioner.       The units come in 3 different sizes namely 30, 38 and 52 quarts, single or dual driven fan and it can be either 12V or 24V (the 12v unit
2016 Sprinter RV Buyer’s Guide is Out!
After months of poring over Web sites and sifting through forums, I’ve finally completed the 2016 Sprinter RV Buyer’s Guide! The new guide is much bigger than the last edition, 338 pages compared to 204 pages. Why? Lots more photographs, lots more reviews, and more discussion of equipment and configuration details to help you pick
Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Brands and Models in India with Price 2018
10 Best Air Conditioner Brands and 85 AC Models in India 2018 Air conditioning is often referred to as A/C. This is the process of altering the properties of air, primarily temperature and humidity to more comfortable conditions if indoor or outside. Window and Split are the most common models for home or office. Split AC with 5 star
KoolerAire Portable Air Conditioner
The KoolerAire Portable Air Conditioner is a unit designed to fit inside an ice filled cooler. Hot air is forced through the ice, cooled and then discharged to cool your tent, boat or truck. The air conditioner runs on 12V so you can use a power pack, car battery, cigarette lighter to run it or with
GoCool Portable Air Conditioner
The GoCool is a portable air conditioner using ice and water, this unit cools, dehumidifies and filters the air of virtually any enclosed space. It makes it ideal as a tent air conditioner or for cooling your boat or plane. Designed from the ground up for portability, ease of use and years of reliable service.The
Air Conditioner Comparison – What Kind of Air-Conditioner Should I Buy?
When the weather gets warm, we’re all thinking about air conditioning. The importance of your air conditioner is usually lost in the colder months, and is only really missed when it breaks. As a licenced Lennox retailer, we’re happy to offer the best HVAC contracting services in the Toronto area, as well as AC Repair.
Best Ethiopian Coffee – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2018
Discover the best Ethiopian coffee including Yirgacheffe and Harrar coffee from different regions in Ethiopia. Ethiopian coffee flavor is hearty and complex, but there's nothing subtle about it. Find out more in our buyer’s guide and Ethiopian coffee reviews here.
Best Camera Bag 2018Buyer’s Guide
Are you looking for a compact, convenient way to transport your camera and a slew of accessories that come with it? Nothing but the best camera bag will be up for the task, and picking one out for yourself will be a snap once you’ve read through this buyer’s guide! Navigate Our Top 10 Camera
Best RV Portable Generators – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews
A generator is a key feature, and a must have the asset in your recreational vehicle. Your appliances in the RV need a power source thereby making the generator an important asset. However, most generators aren’t easily portable due to various reasons In this article, I will focus on how to determine the best portable generators
Top 10 Air Conditioner Brands in India (2018)
Due to the scorching heat during summer, people often face severe discomforts and several health issues. Neither fans nor coolers are sufficient to combat the excessive heat and give relief during the sweltering summer in India. In this situation, an air conditioner is the only saviour. Owning an air conditioner earlier was a luxury, but
Most efficient air conditioner in the world
Most efficient air conditioner in the world is an air conditioning system that meet all the requirements we would mention in this article. Just to backup a little bit, the reason for this article is help people looking to understand or to know what the most efficient air conditioner in the world is. This could
Zero Breeze:The Ultimate Portable Air Conditioner
​All portable air conditioning units either need a power source or ice and water to cool the ambient air and in most cases that is a problem when you are camping or in the outdoors.​Then there is the ZeroBreeze, the ultimate portable air conditioner. This battery operated, rotary air conditioner has raised the standard to
Air cooler Vs Air Conditioner – Which One is Better For Home?
Harsh and scorching summer is difficult to handle. In this scenario, you can think of purchasing an Air Cooler or Air Conditioner. However, choosing the appropriate device for your home is very important because both Air coolers and Air Conditioner have their own advantages and drawbacks. If you are stuck in this situation, then just
Air Conditioner Leaks: Problems and Quick Fixes
If you think that a leaking air conditioner would only cause cosmetic damage to your home, think again! Many chemicals are at play whenever your air conditioner is cooling your home, and when exposed to the air can cause a lot of health hazards to you and your family. Furthermore, these gases when released can
Review of the Companion mini rechargeble evaporative tent air conditioner
Where To Buy The Companion  mini tent air conditioner. This unit is probably the best tent air conditioner on the market. There are few consumer products for this niche and the few that are there performs pretty poor or are big and bulky. Companion has been manufacturing camping gear for a long time and has
Quilo Portable Air Conditioner Review
Quilo Portable Air Conditioner Intro // Quilo Portable AC As summer comes by, it’s important to have something that will keep your home cooled and pleasant to live in. When central cooling isn’t an option, portable air conditioners
Understanding Energy Guide Labels for Air-Conditioners
As summer approaches, many consumers are interested in purchasing an air-conditioner. Other than your budget and the model or brand of the air-conditioner, there is one more thing you would need to consider. Every appliance comes with a yellow card better known as the Energy Guide Label. These help you make wise purchase decisions.
9 Best Air Purifiers in India, Delhi (2018) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews
With the rise of Air Pollution in India, You simply can’t neglect the need for breathing Clean and Pure Air. In this Post, I am going to List Down the Best Air Purifiers in India. The Air Quality In India is degrading at an Alarming Rate. “Previously, China used to be the Most Polluted regarding
Are You Ready for an Air Conditioner Upgrade?
Without a doubt, an air conditioner is a major purchase that can take a big chunk out of a family budget. You definitely don’t want to be blindsided by an
Four Key Tips for New RV Buyers
If you’re buying a new RV, you have a lot of factors and choices to think about. After you’ve narrowed down the field to the specific model you want (perhaps with the help of my 2016 Sprinter RV Buyer’s Guide, if you’re looking at Sprinter RVs), you have factory options to pick, or maybe just
Top #5 Benefits of Using Air Conditioner at Home in Summer
Air Conditioner provides a comfortable and convenient atmosphere to the users. In such conditions, the efficiency of work greatly increases and as a result, people become capable of working with significant effort. Air Conditioner offers several benefits and some of them are described below: #1 Better Air Quality              Air
Best Portable Air Conditioners for 2018
For how much time is spent at home, it’s imperative that our abodes are comfortable and inviting for both our families as well as guests. Whether your home wasn’t build with central air conditioning, or it was but it’s just unfortunately not enough, this best portable air conditioner article is meant for you. In this
10 Best Air Conditioners under 25000 in India
What are the best air conditioners under 25000 Rupees? Looking for an air conditioner to beat the scorching summer heat? A shoestring budget of 25000 rupees is all you need to get a decent air conditioner with all the basic features you expect from it. We have rounded up the
Top 5 Best Brand for Air conditioner in India
Air Conditioner (in short, AC) is one of the most used devices in residences or offices. We can’t imagine working during a hot summer day without an AC. Earlier, only fewer people have ACs installed in their houses but with the passage of time, the popularity of AC has tremendously increased. However, if you can’t
How to Prepare for an Air Conditioner Installation
Are you ready for a new air conditioner that will cool your home more efficiently and effectively? Before you can begin enjoying the benefits of a new unit, you’ll need
Air Conditioner Replacement Tips
If you haven’t started using your air conditioner unit yet, you probably will soon. The warm weather is slowly creeping in and you are going to want to be as comfortable as possible when it gets here. Depending on how long you have had your
Furrion Introduces CHILL Air Conditioner Series
Furrion has launched the CHILL air conditioning series, offering RVers uniform cooling performance combined with high-energy efficiency. The series is comprised of a lightweight rooftop air conditioning unit, a slim air distribution box and an intelligent thermostat capable of controlling multizones throughout the RV. “RV travel peaks during the summer and the launch of our
What size air conditioner do you need for your home
What size air conditioner do you need for your home, or how many KW air conditioner do you need? These are pressing questions for most new home owners. Especially those in the construction stage, the stage where you need to make those early crucial decisions that you’ll have to live with for as long as

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