3 Tips for Finding the Right Mentor as an Engineer

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The Simple Guide to Finding a Real Estate Mentor
Finding that right mentor can make all of the difference in the world for your real estate investing career, however there is a right and a wrong way to go about finding a mentor. In this Simple Guide, I want to share a few best practices on how to find and approach a real estate mentor. So without further ado,
Finding the Perfect Real Estate Mentor
A seasoned mentor can make a huge difference in your career as a real estate professional. Keep reading to learn why you should want a mentor, and how to go about finding one. Why Get a Mentor? There are plenty
Four Tips for Finding the Right Pet Sitter
Finding the right pet sitter is important but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Like everything else these days, you can easily go online and find a pet sitter. While you can find a sitter in a matter of minutes, it takes a little investigation to choose the right person. Here are 4 tips to
3 Tips for Choosing the Right Facial Plastic Surgeon
Perhaps the most difficult part about getting plastic surgery is finding the right facial plastic surgeon. In this article, we are going to provide a few tips for finding the right facial plastic surgeon. Ask Family & Friends If you’re looking for a physician, a great place to start is your inner circle. Ask trusted
TECC 005: The Engineering Career Coach Podcast – Finding and Getting the Most Out of a Mentor in Your Engineering Career
In this session of The Engineering Career Coach Podcast, I am going to outline the steps for finding a mentor in your engineering career who can guide you toward achieving your goals. Finding the right mentor in your engineering career can rapidly facilitate your development. A mentor can help you avoid mistakes that other engineers
How To Pick The Right Forex Trading Mentor
How To Pick The Right Forex Trading Mentor In this live video, I discuss my experience in regards to picking the right Forex trading mentor. I have previously discussed the ROI of coaches & mentors in What I Got After Spending $5,500 On Coaching. However, it’s time to go a little
Tips to Finding FixNFlip Properties
Tips to Finding FixNFlip Properties Looking for ways to find more fix-and-flip properties? Every real estate investor wants to be able to do more deals but one of the challenges is finding the right properties to flip. Thankfully there are multiple reliable options for real estate investors to take advantage of when looking for their
TECC 045: The Engineering Career Coach Podcast – How to Find or Become a Mentor in Your Engineering Career – EYOS Part 3 of 7
In this session of The Engineering Career Coach Podcast, I am going to give you strategies for finding the right mentor in your engineering career and/or becoming one. This episode is the third of a seven-part Engineer Your Own Success series podcast where I am detailing the 7 key elements from my book Engineer Your
The Simple Guide to Getting Started: Finding a Mentor and Generating Deals
If I could go back and coach myself on what to do starting off, this is what I would do first Get a Mentor Finding a real estate mentor is the best thing you can do because it decreases the number of mistakes you’ll make as a newbie. Having a seasoned investor to bounce comps with, ask advice, and grow
Have a Mentor? You Should
Do you have a mentor?  If you’re a Pre-PA student (or any aspiring professional for that matter), you definitely should. When I studied career counseling for my Masters in psychology, one of the best tips they gave us for helping graduate school applicants and job seekers was to get them a mentor.  It’s great advice,
8 Ways To Be A Great Mentor
Try These Tips to Be a Good Mentor If you ask any successful person what helped them along their journey to success they will undoubtedly mention a person who took an interest in them early on and invested in their life. Someone they would call their mentor. I have been strongly influenced by people who
#neverstoplearning: finding a mentor
Hey there! People often ask me about the importance of mentorship — do I need a mentor? If so, how do I find one? My answer is relatively simple. Yes, mentorship is extremely valuable to growth, both personally and professionally. We all need guidance, a place to comfortably seek clarity, garner inspiration or weather the
The Complete Simple Guide to Finding a Real Estate Mentor
Hey guys! So this month’s Simple Guide is all about how to find a real estate mentor. The world’s best athletes have coaches and in fact, they have multiple coaches who work alongside of them to help improve their skills and provide the training they need in order to compete at the best of their ability. The same thing applies
Being a LighterLife Mentor
Lesley Turner explains why life as a Mentor is so fulfilling – and such a great opportunity. “Why did I become a LighterLife Mentor? It
3 Tips for Finding the Right Real Estate Agent for You
You crunched the numbers, did your research and your mind is made up. The time is right and you’re ready to buy or sell a home. Exciting! Now all you need is a rockstar real estate agent to ensure your
The Engineer Attitude
The attitude that every engineer should have, in every field of engineering, is: I can solve this problem the right way. Whatever the problem is, there’s always a right way to solve it. The right way can be known, and it can be implemented. The only valid reason ever to not implement something the right
The Floating Mentor
We’ve met Archie Workman before on the blog, and he’s kindly returned to tell us about his latest incarnation as the Floating Mentor: Archie, tell us about the floating! We’ve had a narrowboat for about 14 years now, 7 of which were on the Shropshire Union canal. But 3 hours on the M6 there &
Landing a Data Engineer Internship
What are the skills required to land a Big Data Engineer Internship? Is it possible to gain those skills in under 3 months? Today’s question comes in from YouTube: “Please make a video on how much time is required to become big data engineer ?? is it possible in 3 months and also try to
How To Get A Mentor
How To Get A Mentor How To Get A Mentor to help you and teach you the business is not as easy as you would think for the average person. So How Do You Get A Mentor to help you?  Where do you look for one?  And – when you find someone who says that
Right Triangles – Engineer In Training Review
In this episode of , Justin will reinforce your understanding of a key concept covered in the Math portion of the Engineer In Training Exam.  Mathematics is one of the most critical fringe subjects that will be encountered on the Engineer in Training Exam.  Even if you are just graduating as a Senior, some of the topics are far removed from the memory banks, having taken them as far back as your
5 Tips to Help You Buy the Right Perfume
If you have been looking for a good perfume, we suggest that you know some important tips as to how to buy the right product. Actually, what you need to do is do the shopping after taking into consideration different products. Given below are 5 tips that can help you buy the right product the
Personal Trainer: Motivator and Mentor
An effective Personal Trainer needs to be both a motivator and a mentor. You need to provide the right mixture of understanding and discipline. By nature, I am very empathetic to other peoples struggles. When I started out as a Personal Trainer I discovered that was both an asset and a detriment to my success.
Important points for a Civil Site Engineer | Civil Site Engineer Job Tips
Important points for a Civil Site Engineer A site engineer has to perform a lot of activities on the site. His/her role involves a lot of responsibility which includes giving sufficient advice and supervision when there are any technical issues, or for proper management and for the preparation of day to day reports of the construction works. There are some
Space Engineer – Space Engineer
Here’s a brand new one from Sydney songwriter Terry Lyndon, henceforth known as Space Engineer. Funnily enough, that’s also the name of the song. It’s a nice slice of space-y indie pop, and augers well for his upcoming debut album, so stay tuned for that. Space Engineer by Space Engineer
The Simple Guide to What to Look for in a Mentor
Welcome back guys! Last week I discussed the importance of having a real estate mentor and today I want to dive a little deeper and discuss what to look for in a mentor. This is important because you should think of the relationship with your mentor as a partnership and you are trusting this individual with your business. So before
Tips on how to choose the right mentor
  Everybody needs advice every once in a while – and when it comes to your career, mentoring can be an indispensable tool. Whether it’s just talking through some ideas or tackling a challenge – professional mentors can be a great sounding board when carving out your career path! Mentors can be a game changer
Finding a mentor
By Jasmine Harmon This school year is quickly coming to an end, with students from all over going back home to family and to work at their new or annual summer jobs. Walnut Hill College is closing for the summer as of July 1, 2017, and many of the students
Finding the Right Homeschool Curriculum
Searching for the right curriculum can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. When you are shopping for curriculum, especially for the first time, remember that what is right for one family might not be the perfect match for yours. Feel
My Year As A Cherie Blair Mentor
How can you become a mentor to a younger person? Amanda Ruiz tells us all about her year as a Cherie Blair mentor to a young entrepreneur from Pakistan.
Sales Engineer to Nord-Lock Finland Oy
We are looking for a Sales Engineer to join Nord-Lock Finland Oy. Nord-Lock Finland Oy is looking for the right person to

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