Tabula Rasa HealthCare Acquires SinfoníaRx Expanding its Medication Therapy Management Offering

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Reducing Medication Burden – Age and Goals of Therapy are Important
Assessment of medication and goals of therapy need to be continually monitored.  In this scenario, I pick out a few medications that should be looked in consideration of age and goals of reducing medication burden.  A 98 year old female is on the following medications. Lipitor 10 mg daily Amlodipine 10 mg daily Diovan/HCTZ 160/12.5
How Deming’s Management Philosophy Applies to Healthcare
It would be difficult to find a healthcare organization that explicitly stated its adherence to W. Edwards Deming’s management philosophy.
HSO Launches Two Public Reviews on Medication Management Standards
Today, Health Standards Organization (HSO) launched two public reviews; one on the Medication Management Standard, and another on the Medication Management for Community-Based Organizations Standard. The public reviews are open from April 16 to June 15, 2018. These standards have been developed by an HSO’s Technical Committee on Medication Management, which is made up of
Stay on top of Healthcare Management with IdM
Integrating Identity Management (IdM) technology within the system is imperative for healthcare services providers. Healthcare providers have to remain on top at providing best care to patients. IAM technology has evolved through years to help healthcare organizations in achieving a secure IT framework, and be compliant to landmark regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH. The structure
Vendor Risk Management for Healthcare Casestudy
Vendor Risk Management for Healthcare Casestudy Vendor risk management in healthcare can be a challenge. Often times multiple business units are tasked with needed assessments from legal, security and financial risk. Often, from the same vendor. An enterprise risk management platform is often the best approach to reduce duplicative tasks and create stronger buy in
Ridesharing Companies in Healthcare: What You Need to Know
In the last 12 months, multiple app-based ridesharing companies have announced plans to enter the healthcare industry by offering patient transportation programs. The move comes at a time where hospitals are increasingly challenged with expanding their service offerings while maintaining their primary focus on clinical care. Healthcare Ridesharing – What Does it Mean? An Estimate
IT Risk Management in Healthcare: Stop Using Spreadsheets for GRC
IT Risk Management in Healthcare. Stop Using Spreadsheets for GRC. By Dawn Gustafson “Skinny the columns!” It became the battle cry and gallows-humor refrain among the dozens of IT risk management senior executives I worked with at a major healthcare insurer in 2013. We were mass-editing a spreadsheet in a conference room over a several
Cell Medica acquires WT1 cancer immunotherapy from Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
Cell Medica acquires WT1 cancer immunotherapy from Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult Acquisition transfers rights for WT1-TCR cell therapy from CGT Catapult to Cell Medica Collaboration for development, scale-up and manufacturing also established London, 20 June 2017 – Cell Medica today announced the acquisition of Catapult Therapy TCR Limited, a subsidiary of Cell and Gene
Medication Adherence: Pharma’s $637 Billion Opportunity
Medication non-adherence is one of the most serious problems in healthcare, posing a heavy financial impact on all constituencies.
Medication Safety Issues Later in Life with Memory Loss
Medication safety is a major issue for seniors and for those receiving Alzheimer’s care, it looms even larger. Memory loss can make medication management nearly impossible, which in turn can lead to serious consequences. These strategies can help all seniors and their families with medication management, especially those who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or
3 out of 4 Hospital Leaders say Inaccurate, Incomplete Medication History Data is a Big Concern
Hospital executives believe that applying a multidisciplinary effort will improve their medication reconciliation process, according to a recent study by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) Foundation on behalf of DrFirst. Yet, despite their efforts to engage multiple departments, 3 out of 4 respondents still worry that medication history data is incomplete
Essentials of Management for Healthcare Professionals PDF
Essentials of Management for Healthcare Professionals PDF Author Hari Singh File size 4 MB Year 2018 Pages 309 Language English File format PDF Category Free Medical Books
The Future of Democracy, Healthcare, and DAOs
TL:DR;  The future of wealthy democratic countries may very well depend on the management of healthcare costs, an amount which trend towards infinity.  Blockchain systems possibly provide a way out of this death trap (pun intended). There was an article about gene therapy in the Wall St. Journal the other day that was equally inspiring and depressing. On the one
Service Insurance Holdings Acquires Oklahoma’s American Healthcare Indemnity
Service Insurance Holdings Inc. (SIHI), pahireof Texas-based workers’ repaymentinsurer, Service Lloyds Insurance Co., has acquired American Healthcare Indemnity Co. (AHIC), an Oklahoma-based insurer. the brand new entity shall be rebranded as Service Ameriam i able tondemnity Co. the purchase is a step toward Service Insurance’s goal if expanding its business geographically. Service Ameriam i
Red Light Therapy Offers Way for Clubs to Differentiate
Light therapy is expanding in all medical disciplines, treating everything from chronic pain to fibromyalgia. The practice has also made its way into health clubs in the form of Near Infrared (NIR) Red Light therapy. NIR Red Light therapy is a non-invasive form of skin rejuvenation therapy that provides pain relief in ligaments, muscles, nerves
Overcoming Medication Misinformation
If you’ve worked in pharmacy and medication management for any period of time, you have certainly ran into medication misinformation.  In my work, I will often get asked questions by nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians.  Those questions also certainly come from patients or caregivers as well. Here’s an example of a question I received the
Medication List Review – Allergies
Tonight’s medication list review is a bit shorter than usual – Here’s a couple things I’m going to be digging into.  My goal is to get you to think critically about medication management, not necessarily give you a right or wrong answer, so these are really an educational exercise for all to benefit from. –
Medication Management Issues Costs $528 Billion Annually
In 2016, illness or death due to non-optimized medication use, adverse medication interactions, and less than optimal consumer adherence with medication regimens results in costs of about $528.4 billion annually in the United States. These costs represent additional medical resources needed to resolve problems due to the initial diagnosis and subsequent use of prescription drugs,
Catapult Expands its IT Lifecycle Management Service to Include Windows 10 and Servers
AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 29, 2017 -. Catapult, a digital solutions and services firm, has expanded upon its IT Lifecycle management offering, Launch, to provide a more holistic collection of services by adding Windows 10 Lifecycle Management and Server Lifecycle Management, in addition to its existing User Lifecycle Management services Using a unique combination of people, processes,
(4.20.18) HIT Infrastructure: Hyperledger Bug Bounty Increases Healthcare Blockchain Security
Hyperledger announced the release of Hyperledger Bug Bounty as a part of its expanding blockchain security process. Several organizations use Hyperledger as a framework for their healthcare blockchain solutions and improving security
Medication Induced Fatigue – Medication List Review
Fatigue is a common complaint from patients.  It can certainly be due to a variety of reasons, but never underestimate the possibility of medication induced fatigue especially when it comes to polypharmacy.  Here’s the medication list, and factors I would consider in trying to assess medication induced fatigue: Plavix 75 mg daily Amlodipine 5 mg
Hamilton Offers Intensive Behavioral Therapy Program for Obesity
Hamilton Weight Management is offering a new Intensive Behavioral Therapy (IBT) program for obesity for those on Medicare with a diagnosis of obesity, body mass index (BMI) of 30 and above.   Dietitians Elayna Roberts, MHS, RD, LD, CDE, and Kari Intemann, RD, LD, are working with patients in the program.   Steven Spears, a
Martabak 100 Rasa
Jajanan sore hingga malam favorit sejuta umat ini menawarkan kuantitas rasa yang cukup menggiurkan, di angka 100. Yak, Martabak 100 Rasa hadir di Yogyakarta dengan 2 varian jajanan martabak, manis dan asin. Nah, yang rasa-rasanya bisa bervariasi sampai 100, ya martabak manisnya, atau dikenal juga sebagai terang bulan di kota-kota lain. Bagaimana dengan martabak asin, atau martabak telor, di kedai
Urine therapy and its implementation 
Urine therapy known as ‘Amaroli’ or ‘Shivambu’ in Yoga is a method of self-healing by digesting one’s own urine. If you are reading about it for the first time, you might be feeling a bit nauseatic. But it’s true that
Data Management: Precision Agriculture Can Learn From Healthcare
Article from Meister Media’s When it comes to managing data, the precision agriculture industry could learn a lot from the healthcare industry’s own data management efforts. May 02, 2013 – By Kelby Kleinsasser In my brief foray into Healthcare Information Technology (IT), it took only a couple of weeks to discover that the challenges
Point72 Asset Management is looking for “rogue nerds”, expanding its junior recruitment
efinancialcareers November 6, 2017 Steve Cohen’s family office Point72 Asset Management is on the hunt for “rogue nerds” and has stepped up the search for talent by scouring the junior ranks of investment banks and top hedge funds as it expands its academy programme. Jaimi Goodfriend, head of Point72’s training Academy, says the firm started ‘Academy . . .
20 Best Online Masters Programs in Medicine and Healthcare
It’s been reported by Forbes Magazine that healthcare is now a $3 trillion dollar industry and with that comes hundreds of thousands of career opportunities. Hospitals and healthcare systems are expanding to meet unprecedented growth as more Baby Boomers age and more patients have access to healthcare insurance. Part of that growth includes not only
Healthcare Headlines: Week of Oct. 31
The push for employees to use healthcare comparison-shopping tools, the rise of telemedicine, and the high costs of not offering paid sick leave—here’s the recent healthcare news you need to know:
Strategies For Writing Elite Medication Recommendations
I’m really excited about this!  There is a serious shortage of good content that helps pharmacists become better at writing medication recommendations and becoming an essential component of any healthcare team.  I’m launching a webinar soon!  Please comment below if you have suggestions or questions that I should tackle.  Here’s a sneak peak of what
A Simple Way to Foster Medication Adherence
Medication non-compliance causes nearly 125,000 deaths in the United States and costs an estimated $290 billion annually. In fact, the number of patients who are non-compliant has reached epidemic proportions and is increasingly considered to be one of the most pressing issues in healthcare today. Research from the National Council for Patient Information and Education suggests

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