BRegs Weekly | 7 July 2017

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BRegs Weekly | 21 July 2017
Pictured: Grenfell Tower, London, England June 16 21 July 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 115 Edition 115 of BRegs Weekly is out now. As many as 70% of apartments built between 2002 and 2008 are fire deficient, fire experts have revealed (see Independent article here).  Dublin City Council has served 11 fire safety notices relating to fire safety deficiencies to owners or occupiers of
BRegs Weekly | 14 July 2017
Pictured: Stardust fire 14 February 1981 14 July 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 114 Edition 114 of BRegs Weekly is out now. In the Sunday Business Post (see here), Hugh O’Connell reported that Finian McGrath TD has helped break a major impasse in exploring new evidence from the 1981 Stardust disaster where 48 people died.  Judge Pat McCartan had threatened to
BRegs Weekly | 21 April 2017
21 April 2017 – BRegs Weekly 53- Edition 103 Edition 103 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Three words sum up the content of this week’s Bregs Weekly: Housing, Housing, Housing. Enjoy! The BRegs Weekly e-zine gathers all recent social media discussions relating to Building Control Regulations into one weekly digest. It is published every Friday and gives a round-up of news
BRegs Weekly | 17 October 2017
17 October 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 125 Edition 125 of BRegs Weekly is out now. In “Budget 2018: State continues reliance on private sector for social housing” Olivia Kelly reports on Budget 2018 which was announced last week “..for the fourth year running the Government is relying on the private rental sector to solve the social housing crisis,
BRegs Weekly | 9 October 2017
9 October 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 124 Edition 124 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Last week Fianna Fail proposed a Bill which contained provisions for fire safety checks by independent inspectors to replace the system of self-certification currently in place. Barry Cowan TD outlined proposals to speed up the planning approval and building control processes to
BRegs Weekly | 30 September 2017
30 September 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 123 Edition 123 of BRegs Weekly is out now. It emerged last month that inspection reports from 2015 found fire safety concerns with five schools built by Western Building Systems (WBS). A total of 60 schools will now undergo fresh fire safety audits in the wake of concerns identified in
BRegs Weekly | 22 September 2017
22 September 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 122 Edition 122 of BRegs Weekly is out now. It’s all housing this week! Ictu wants Government to declare national housing emergency, developers reluctant to build apartments  and  Leo Varadkar rules out tax breaks for developers.  Finally, for construction professionals Paul McNieve asks “Would you turn down €1m in fees to
BRegs Weekly | 15 September 2017
  15 September 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 121 Edition 121 of BRegs Weekly is out now. In “State must answer fire safety questions” by Mick Clifford, the case for a widespread audit of Celtic Tiger-era buildings has never been as strong. The Department of Education recently released details of a fire safety audits in five schools
BRegs Weekly | 1 September 2017
1 September 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 119 Edition 119 of BRegs Weekly is out now. In “Delayed fire safety report an ‘insult’ to residents of estate that lost 6 homes in blaze”, the Examiner noted an overwhelmingly negative reaction to the publication of a long-awaited report into fire safety which had been expected to address specific
BRegs Weekly | 25 August 2017
25 August 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 118 Edition 118 of BRegs Weekly is out now. In “‘Huge demand’ for qualified engineers” the Irish Examiner highlighted the current skills shortage in the construction sector. Damien Owens of Engineers Ireland said Ireland must produce more engineers at a quicker rate to keep up with demands on infrastructure and technology. He said “The acute
BRegs Weekly | 11 August 2017
11 August 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 117 Edition 117 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Fallout form the Grenfell Tower fire in London continues. In the Architects’ Journal article “How architects could face prosecution over Grenfell Tower fire”, legal experts examine the issues prosecutors should consider in deciding whether to press charges of manslaughter over the high-rise
BRegs Weekly | 23 June 2017
23 June 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 111 Edition 111 of BRegs Weekly is out now. In “Hold builders to account on safety, Green Party says”, the Irish Times noted that a lack of regulation during the Celtic Tiger years led to thousands of properies being built without sufficient fire safety measures. Hundreds of owners have been left with
BRegs Weekly | 16 June 2017
16 June 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 110 Edition 110 of BRegs Weekly is out now. The Grenfell tower-block fire in London and Building Control failures figured prominently this week. The Guardian led with “’Disaster waiting to happen’: fire expert slams UK tower blocks”. UK architect Sam Webb said breaches of fire safety standards in UK were common and lessons from
BRegs Weekly | 2 June 2017
2 June 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 109 Edition 109 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Building Control and building standards were discussed in The Sunday Times article “Reasons to be hopeful”. last week. Dr Lorcan Sirr noted “The department of housing has been sitting on reports about fire safety for a long time. If the department is as “open
BRegs Weekly | 26 May 2017
26 May 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 108 Edition 108 of BRegs Weekly is out now. A number of damning official reports into defective buildings continue to remain unpublished by the Department of Housing under Minister Simon Coveney. In a recent Independent article “Cracking up: the legacy of Celtic Tiger Ireland” the issue of homes affected by pyrite and mica in
BRegs Weekly | 19 May 2017
19 May 2017 –  BRegs Weekly Edition 107 Edition 107 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Six fire engines were deployed to Dublin 15 last week by Dublin Fire Brigade to tackle a blaze at an apartment complex that left dozens of residents homeless (read story here). There were no injuries but the fire at Verdemont estate
BRegs Weekly | 5 May 2017
5 May 2017 – BRegs Weekly 55- Edition 105 Edition 105 of BRegs Weekly is out now. In “Review into fire at timber frame housing being withheld” Mick Clifford writes about state delaying publication of a fire safety report into a potentially fatal fire in March 2015 in Millfield Manor Kildare. “According to design standards, it should take about three hours for a fire
BRegs Weekly | 28 April 2017
28 April 2017 – BRegs Weekly 54- Edition 104 Edition 103 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Housing issues again held a tight grip on the headlines. The Independent examined Census 2016 which revealed a sharp slowdown in housing stock growth. Total housing stock grew by just 8,800 (0.4pc) between 2011 and 2016. A demand backlog over recent years means
BRegs Weekly | 14 April 2017
14 April 2017 – BRegs Weekly 52- Edition 102 Edition 102 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Consumer groups and opposition politicians have been critical of privately run and operated registers of competence established under building control procedures BC(A)R SI.9. The perception is that there is a strong conflict of interest when private representative membership organisations are tasked with policing their
BRegs Weekly | 24 March 2017
24 March 2017 – BRegs Weekly 51- Edition 101 Edition 101 of BRegs Weekly is out now. On the housing front, Minister Coveney’s ambitious  ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ housing plan suffered another setback this week.  The Irish Times article “Just 64 social housing units delivered by private sector in 2015” noted that despite the plan’s five year target for privately provided social housing (Part V
BRegs Weekly | 3 March 2017
03 March 2017 – BRegs Weekly 50- Edition 100 Edition 100 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Ireland has thousands of defective properties, state and privately owned, as a legacy of the building boom.  The state’s reliance on a unique privatised ‘self-regulated’ system of building control means that employees of developers continue to sign-off on safety and quality.  An article by Paul Melia
BRegs Weekly | 10 February 2017
10 February 2017 – BRegs Weekly 49- Edition 99 Edition 99 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Issues with the design and build model of procurement, PPP, were highlighted in a recent UK report into defective schools.  The problem across the school portfolio, which was constructed under a public-private partnership arrangement with Edinburgh Schools Partnership (ESP), came to light
BRegs Weekly | 3 February 2017
03 February 2017 – BRegs Weekly 48- Edition 98 Edition 98 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Defective homes built under our current ‘self-certification’ building control system were in the headlines again this week.  Apartment owners at Beacon South Quarter in Sandyford are set to lose their battle against a €10 million charge to fix problems at the complex. Beacon
BRegs Weekly | 27 January 2017
27 January 2017 – BRegs Weekly 47- Edition 97 Edition 97 of BRegs Weekly is out now. The latest reported incidence of defects has been reported at an apartment block in the Beacon South Quarter in Sandyford was discussed in the Dáil this week.  Rogue developers who build defective homes “should never be allowed to build again”, Taoiseach Enda Kenny
BRegs Weekly | 20 January 2017
  20 January 2017 – BRegs Weekly 46- Edition 96 Edition 96 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Minimum apartment sizes, introduced a year ago by the Department of Housing and former minister for the environment Alan Kelly, are too small to be wheelchair accessible, according to Dublin City Council’s architects’ division.  Mr Kelly had blamed excessive size standards for deterring construction
BRegs Weekly | 13 January 2017
  13 January 2017 – BRegs Weekly 45- Edition 95 Edition 95 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Happy new year and we start off where we left off- in Housing Crisis mode.  The accuracy of official reporting of housing data was in question this week. The Irish Times reported that Dublin City Council built only 40 local authority houses in Dublin
BRegs Weekly | 2 December 2016
2 December 2016 – BRegs Weekly 42- Edition 92 Edition 92 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Garland Consulting Engineers noted problems with third party certifiers in a submission to BRegs Blog.  Their advice to Building Owners is not to appoint a Design Certifier who is not designing on the project and they recommend the appointment of an existing design team
BRegs Weekly | 16 December 2016
16 December 2016 – BRegs Weekly 44- Edition 94 Edition 94 of BRegs Weekly is out now. The BRegs Blog continued its examination of the role of Design Certifier in the Building Control Process.  Michael O’Neill MRIAI asked is is fair to lay all this on the shoulders of a single human being and should one certifier, acting in good faith,
BRegs Weekly | 9 December 2016
9 December 2016 – BRegs Weekly 43- Edition 93 Edition 93 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Pleas from the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) for further State concessions for developers, including a radical reduction in apartment sizes, were firmly rejected by Ministers at a meeting last week.  CIF representatives Hubert Fitzpatrick and Tom Parlon, a former Progressive Democrats junior minister for
BRegs Weekly | 25 November 2016
25 November 2016 – BRegs Weekly 41- Edition 91 Edition 91 of BRegs Weekly is out now. Ireland’s unique system of self-certification has resulted in major defective residential and commercial projects, some requiring significant and costly remedial works.  Perhaps the most notorious of these is Priory Hall.  In 2013 the Dublin City Council agreed to take over the complex and refurbish it

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